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Welcome to the very first 343industries community forum weekly Poll!


So this is an idea that came to me after reading an inspiring post by Total Mayh3m, about bringing the community closer. And that's just what I hope to do as you take part in these polls with us. I hope you'll find these fun and look forward to them every week.


All right, to kick this thing off here's the first poll question:


What is your favorite Halo game?


Halo Wars

Halo Reach

Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo 2

Halo 3

Halo 3:ODST

Halo 4


Vote and don't forget to tell us the reasoning behind this below.

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Campaign has actually been planned out for future games (Bungie made it up as they went along) And fits with the EU novels and stuff, plus there is a above average story in nthe camapign for once.

Multiplayer- I actually enjoy it, I don't often enjoy online play so enough said.

Forge- Not much to say other than very good.

Customs- Same as forge

SpOps- Betteer than FF as I get a story and reason to do it apart from achievements.


For the record, H3 is my least favourite.

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I enjoyed Halo 3's multiplayer the most but played more of Reach's multiplayer. Beginning to show favoritism towards H4 forge and customs. Campaign is a toss-up between H3/CEA (not CE, prefer the updated graphics). Spartan Ops over Firefight.


I guess you could say I don't have ONE favorite but enjoy certain aspects or features from each. :)

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Definitely Halo 3: ODST!


It's the single most complete package in a Halo game to date. A campaign with both an open-world combat sandbox and traditionally structured missions is awesome enough, but it's even better when you throw in the cast of Firefly and set it amidst the Covenant's occupation of Earth - a promise that Halo 2's campaign really didn't deliver on. On top of that there was the return of the Brute Plasma Rifle, a wide variety of missions and the ability to tackle different encounters in a greater than usual variety of ways, an incredible attention to detail in the environment, a night vision mode which was actually useful, and a story which was not only dirven by characters, but driven by characters who were well-written and pretty well fleshed out. On top of that, there was the introduction of Firefight, which was incredibly well done, and which provided insane amounts of replay value. And both of these features somehow managed to avoid the usual Halo problems of horrifying lag when playing online: try playing some Campaign from either of the newer games or Halo 3 and see just how horrible the lag is compared to ODST!


And then of course there's the big one: the Halo 3 complete multiplayer disc. Halo 3 probably has my favourite multiplayer of all the games in the series, and to be able to play every single map made for it as part of the ODST package is just fantastic. The best multiplayer, the best maps, a fantastic campaign, two new weapons and a new game mode: what's not to love? :D


Also, great idea, Beckoningzebra1! I look forward to seeing more of these forum polls in the future!

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Halo 3 and ODST as a close second. Halo 3 filled me with moments of joy and sorrow, and you could land into a regular Infection game and have hours and hours of fun. The campaign was spot-on, with each mission either bringing a tear to my eye or heightening my resolve. The end was a Legendary finale to a great series, and multiplayer was the meaning of fun, with so many matches, and friends to be made, either it be Capture the Flag on Valhalla, or simply fighting to survive the Infected on Sandtrap, the Multiplayer went down in history as my favorite. Forge was an amazing suprise and filled me and my friends with hours of both creativity, and just plain, stupid fun. And because of Forge, Custom Games became a great time-killer, loading up the best maps and gametypes, and spending hours on it. ODST was a close second because of it's Ominous feel, and it's SPECTACULAR music, which will go down in Gaming History. If the campaign wasn't so short, this would be a perfect 10/10 game.

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