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Forge Stuffs.  

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  1. 1. Which game had your favorite Forge pallet?

  2. 2. Which types of objects do you find most useful in Forge? (multiple choice)

    • Pre-built structures for faster Forging (Sniper nest, entire bases, staircases)
    • Smaller pieces that allow for creativity (Crates, pallets, railings, blocks)
    • Aesthetic pieces (Dominion pallet, cones, forklifts)
    • Natural pieces (Rocks, trees)
    • Practical pieces (Wall coliseums, grids)
    • Special effects filters
    • Special items (Killballs, gravity volumes, trait zones)
  3. 3. Which Forge mechanics need to be in future titles? (multiple choice)

    • Dynamic lighting option
    • Precision editing
    • Coordinate editing
    • Rotational snap
    • Magnets
    • Object duplication
    • Object lock
    • "Undo" button (possibility)
    • Save structure (possibility)
    • Time of day (possibility)
    • Moving pieces (possibility)
    • No limit on a certain item (possibility)
    • No budget (possibility)
    • Human pallet--concrete, metal, utilitarian
    • Forerunner pallet--silver, elegant
    • Covenant pallet--dark, purple (possibility)
    • Multiple Forge environments
    • Terrain editor (possibility with next-gen technology)
    • Free Forge maps DLC
    • Free Forge objects DLC--aesthetics, filters, pallets

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Forge is in my opinion the greatest thing to come to Halo (and gaming in general) since XBL multiplayer. Vote!






And don't forget to add your own ideas for Forge in the comments below!

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Well, I prefer Reach's forge TBH  I don't find time for forge in H4 where as in reach i'd always be on it maybe because i thought H4 forge was bland, simpler but bland  

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