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EMERGEgaming, All Around Gametypes. Professional eSports

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EMERGEgaming is a Professional eSports, with me as the founder/leader Sean " hi5 ipwn " P of EMERGEgaming. But cutting to the chase we are seeking players for the following gametypes: Dominion, Slayer, CTF, Oddball. We are currently seeking members for any of these gametypes you can play for more than one gametype for the team. I have a website in the making right now its an amazing website i saw the preview of it just last week and it is amazing as far as i can see. But more to the team recruiting process now, we are seeking players for the gametypes above but also for dedicated players and players that play smart. Please copy and answer the following questions below truthfully please.


1. Name (First and Gamertag)

2. Gametype ( Name one or how many you want, Also you can say All)

3. Timezone ( ex ) Central, East, Pacific

4. How long can you be on ( If cant give full answer estimate it.)

5. How can we get ahold of you

6. Do you have a mic ( No kinect mic unless your getting a new one soon)

7. Age ( 16+ is what we looking for younger is fine but dont be annoying)

8. Games ( Do you play alot of others games or mostly halo 4) EX. other games list... nba 2k13 halo4, bo2

9. Do you like to rage. ( its ok we all raged once )


Contact me at hi5 ipwn on xbox thats my gametag, we really are serious to join many leagues and competition. Also the rules are easy just follow we arnt really strict our rules are simple.

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