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Found 7 results

  1. So you may or may not have ever wondered, what I like to do in real life. Well I am a Theater Nerd for those of you who did not know. I love Theater. I like to direct, act, stage manage, you name it! I do it all. Here's a video of me as the lead, in a show called Sweet Charity. I'm playing the role of the drug smuggling, church raising, coolest place having, guy named Big Daddy. That's right, I am playing the role of a Hippie King. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1xLKOL3LA8
  2. What is this? The 343i CF Theater is the allegiance of all the clans, battalion, etc. You are welcome to join at any time, you will be added to the roster. What's a Theater? A Theater, is the biggest operations in military. A Theater consists of everything, Naval, Infantry, Ground, Air, and all other sections in the military. What's the point? Think of it like this. All Clans, Battalions, Regiments, Squads, and all else on here work alongside each other. No one controls the Theater over all, but a candidate in the Theater can host activities. We represent the 343 Industries Community Forums, if you don't want to represent; please don't join. Who's in Charge? No one is in charge of this alliance, but the founder is Fishy. Moderators on this site will be voted monthly to be in charge of the alliance. Keep an eye out for updates on it, you might need to know what's going on. Thank You for reading this, Fishy.
  3. Hey 343! Just wondering if there is some actual proof of theatre, i know most probably there is, i just want to make sure, also, will there be any more add ins/ better theatre than Reach or 3? Just making sure guys, Thanks!
  4. I have noticed that there has been no sightings of: Easter Eggs(A fun addition for all halo fan alike) Glitches (HUGE part of the community) RvB References (Y U NO Add Footage?) Nostalgia (HUGE references to past games)\ ​First off, these make up an entire eighth of the Halo fans. Without all of this nostalgia, 343i Would not have the support they need. NOTE: This is subject to change. To prove how large the Glitching community is, go to http://www.cmneir.com/ . Sincerely,
  5. Treyarch has changed the prestige system; You will no longer be reset - This means you will no longer have to go back and do all that work on your perks, guns, challenges and also your weapon load out slots. There is news on the theater mode below and also a link towards achievements in Black Ops 2. Read Below for more details From: http://www.g4tv.com/ By: Donell Tucker There are a total of 55 levels in Black Ops 2 multiplayer, with 10 levels of Prestige. Prestige players earn a token every time they level up, tokens you can "spend" on either extra Create-A-Class slots (which can be upgraded up to five times,) or on unlocking a new weapon permanently. NEWS: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Theater Mode Details Revealed Should you want to see how the other half lives, you can refund your Prestige Tokens in order to totally respec and to try out the other upgrades and builds in the game. Greater character build flexibility is a welcome change to Call of Duty, I'm sure you'll agree. In addition, Treyarch is adding the option to reset your stats back to zero, and go through the long climb up the mountain of bassassness again. I'm not sure why you'd want to make yourself into a noob, but it's possible. Just keep your little brothers and sisters and your troll friends away from that reset button. NEWS: Black Ops 2 Achievements Revealed For those with lofty goals, there will be a "top level" in prestige called Prestige Master, that is earned when you've unlocked all the content in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. The few and proud will be rewarded with the ultimate badass Prestige Icon possible. Treyarch isn't going to reveal that icon until the release of Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2, so we'll all have to wait until November 13, 2012 to check out the patch that the hardest of the hardcore are sporting.
  6. So I had an idea about theater. What if you could adjust things like camera shake or precise camera movement speed? What if you could stop a recording mid way, move the camera to a better position, and resume recording? Things that make having a capture card not needed, or that you don't need a computer to make perfect? Share your thoughts
  7. Theater Mode is a very big thing in games. Many people make videos to show off or to make Machinimas. I am a very big fan of Machinimas and if I got the chance to make something like that, it would be amazing. I would also love to just upload videos of me doing cool things like a Killionaire. PLEASE VOTE IN THE POLL UNDER THIS MESSAGE!!!
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