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Found 3 results

  1. Well guys! I'm purple now! And I would like to thank everyone on this website.. EVERYONE!! For motivating me to become Trusted. I thank the Admins and Mods for the awesome color, And I thank all the members for just being a good group of nice and pretty cool people. And I want to thank Bob because... Why not? I'm not going to pick favorite members, No. I really want to thank my very nice mom 343iBot for helping me achieve my goal. By being the best mommy ever. And Mommy Bnus. I thank people for having a lot of threads that interest me and other people, And I want to thank you, The person reading this for actually taking the time to read something that in the real world no one will care about. But this is my victory speech, For completing one of my goals. And now... I must become GRAY!!! YOU HEAR THAT OMEGA!? I'M GONNA CATCH UP TO YOU MISTER!! Oh yeah, And my other goal other than becoming Gray is also being the... Member of The Month!! I will have that title one day!! But seriously guys, Thank you for helping me reach 200 posts. It really means a lot to me. -Love, Your very dumb but awesome friend to all. -The Dumb Marine. Here lies the color Green 04/17/13 - 11/3/13 "I love the color green" -The Dumb Marine So lets party! To what music you may be asking? Well, Its pretty obvious. I thank Megalorganiste for the amazing remix. Ps... Thank you Uncle Church for the new title! Forum Weasel really fits me!
  2. So I am actually writing this before I post my 200th post so that I can immediately post this when I get to 200. I know that I am not the quickest to have reached 200 posts but I reached it nonetheless. I would say it took me so long because I actually read through each post on each Thread. I actually wanted to know what I was about to reply to. I took my time trying to understand people and enjoy what they had to say. I would like to say that I have liked more posts 200 posts. So maybe I have reached 200 likes the quickest. (Tʜᴇʀᴇ sʜᴏᴜʟᴅ ʙᴇ ᴀɴ ᴀᴡᴀʀᴅ ғᴏʀ ᴛʜᴀT) Anyways, I wouldn't have made it here if there wasn't so many cool people to respond to. So lets get started. iTz Vplus2 I put you first because you have been my sole reason for finding news to release to the masses. I have considered you like an older brother... that is younger than me. You have helped me and visa versa. I appreciate the friendly "competition that you have created for me. I will see you in the news group someday. xD Archangel Tyrael Thank you for helping me with various tasks. Also I am happy at the fact that we are Facebook friends. And you liked my profile picture. You are awesome and I love hiding behind sofa's in the shout box. Azaxx For letting me do this portion of my post in yellow. That's all. hehe. Zelda Thanks for being my first real friend on the site. You were someone that I felt I could talk to freely even after just 2 minutes. You made me feel welcomed and I hope to further our friendship at some point. BooBoo My little BooBoo Thanks for being the cooliest person on this site. You were the first person that wanted to play Halo with me. You are my only friend that is on this site as well as on Xbox Live. I enjoy our time together in grifball and swat. xD Good job getting to Trusted before me. Absolute Dog For guiding me here from THFE. I love your voice btw. hehe. I haven't had much time to talk to you but I'm sure at some point I will. Thanks for Moderating and making things work well here. Spectral Jester Thanks for always liking my posts because your usually the only one on some of my more epic posts. I think they're awesome and so do you. And when I message you, you are always kind and considerate. Thanks for Moderating and making things work well here. Total Mayh3m For just a second ago putting a in the shout box. LOL The Director For always putting dumb stuff in the shout box. You make me laugh. A lot. I love when you change peoples names. Hilarious. Mr.Payne - ..... Slanderman - TD New Toy And for being the best BBcode decipherer ever. GermanShepherdD For making me cry at how bad I am at swat. One I mentioned every other Moderator, so I'll add you. Ummm... haven't talked to you at all. So... Love you. Too forward? Twam Might as well say thanks to you since you'll ban me if I don't. LOL And to everyone. Thanks. This whole site is great. I hope to meet more of you along the way. Well anyways, if you read all of this thanks. It's a lot. Today is also special because I reached 50 likes, so I am also Trustworthy. This has and will be a great day for me. Thanks to all.
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