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  1. I can help . I also started writing a book but gave up after two chapters, i may be able to help for some chapters more. Here is the link to my last written chapters: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/21459-halo-fall-of-the-gods-official-update-thread/?do=findComment&comment=206532
  2. Introduction: I have been writing a book based on the history of the species which we never learned about- the precursors. The Document will be updated with every chapter i write and is available in PDF format. Have fun! Halo : The Fall of the Gods: Here's the copy of the latest editions according to the date updated (GMT) : 13 December, 2012 - Till Chapter 2 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Halo : The fall of the Gods by AcisAce is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License --------------------------------------- The Image shown above is a property of Julian Faylona from deviant art.
  3. Hey Guys ..And Gals. I am new here and got a exceptionally warm welcome from you people.Hoping i have came to the right place here's the preview of a Book i am writing based on the Precursor History. The Book's name is "Halo: Fall of the Gods" and the name of the first chapter is " The Gods Themselves". Hope you like it. ---------------------------------------------Start-------------------------------------------- ONE The Fall of the Gods Our History was never told. We, like all other civilizations died in the pages of history. But we were not like all other civilizations. We Preserved Life, We made life and we sometimes even destroyed it if necessary .We followed the ideas of the sacred Mantle.... But I think it was our only mistake. Our life and work was devoted to this task. Spanning the universe and protecting the seeds of Birth. But We Faced an immense threat. A threat faced by almost every civilizations . We face the threat of a war with our own kind. Our Empire was soon divided into two factions - one which saw the Mantle as its true Job and one which saw it as a Useless undertaking. I was on of the Former ones. We Knew this moment was coming, we know Mantle was a difficult undertaking. We Knew How can we Preserve it. And we knew the war may mean an end of Our kind. Another Task was Undertook. We Started Building a new species using the knowledge we have gained from The Mantle .We Started Shaping our own Successors from the roots . We used only the best Genotypes we got from the preserved species. We even implanted our own knowledge in the form of the Krilias (Translation Index/Closest Match::"Voices"). It took us more than 36 Milleniums (Translation Index/Meaning::"5616 Human Years") and the time and hard work of more than 10,000 individuals to build the first of the test species . We named them The Forerunners. But the Forerunners proved unsuitable for the task we had in our minds. They lacked the understanding our task required . The first sample was tested on an abandoned World in the star system of Shaderest. For the First few thousand millenials there was no change. They lived primitive lives and Lacked The basic brain structure we required. Then we Introduced our own technology into their still primitive social structure. We waited . Within 100- 200 millenials we had a species capable as us. The Forerunners Became powerful and intelligent with our own technology. But that's not what the Project was for. We wanted to programme a species that can perpetuate its own knowledge but with just a small tincture of our own capabilities. The Forerunners were not what we expected. So we undertook the same task again. We Started building another species with some physical patterns of the forerunners but with Special Programming Patterns instead of the Krilias and this time we didn't introduce any of our technology. We named these The Humans. Unlike the forerunners, they evolved in about 800 millenials, and that too without our technology. They invented their own tools and Rough Weapons. Within about 3000 more millenials we had a species more capable and powerful than us. They invented technology similar to ,but a little downgraded than ours. We hid the proofs of our existence from them to make sure of uninterrupted evolution. We Completed our task. Now our only task was to wait for the war. We Became the Most hated term of the precursors. We Became the Gods Ourselves. ------------------------------------------End----------------------------------------- Thanks for reading. Post here if you find some faults in the facts or grammar.
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