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  1. who said challenges couldnt be funny? I think this is hysterical and frankly the second i can im gunna get this map pack and get them.
  2. Either way that we look at it there are a lot of kinks to still work out on consoles.it took Xbox till our gen 3's of the Xbox 360 models before we got to where we wanted to be without worry. whos to say that the "720" wont be the same. Im not knocking microsoft cuz i have a gen 1 console of the 360's.But if something derails the release date for the 720 it happens. All we can do is hope. As for the ps4 ive heard a lot of rumors of them going All digital and removing the need for a disk. Can anyone clear this up for me?
  3. Its not a half done game, its a fully done game
  4. I've heard a LOT of complaints about the game since release. Im just here to say relax. We have only been in the first month after release, they are still doing system work. New playlists, power of weapon work. maps. To everyone who is complaining about there not being enough maps, the crimson map pack comes out REAL soon. so dont get your covie panties in a bunch. Everyone cool? yea? alright, good.
  5. Swat will more than likely stay kinda just like dominion. And yea this is just the first beggining weeks, we cant expect much. Everyone needs to give it time and just relax
  6. Im with big guy a top me, if it does probably not too much, and 800 MP's? Pfft, worth it.
  7. I think maybe as we go along, kinda like an On Demand thing? But either way, id tots pay for it.
  8. Personally, relax, its all going to come. This is a new franchise start. This may be halo but its the reclaimer series and TRF BaDInTentZs you do realize that 343 ind is made up 3/4 of bungies old staff right? I find nothing wrong with this game. Nothing
  9. I think thats Bull-S**T You dont only earn rank from MM anymore! SO plays into quite abit. I worked hard to get to SR-41 and i dont want to have to reset and loose all the armor and abilities i worked hard for! So what if someone's skill is better than another?! They work hard to get to where they are today. just like in game lvl caps people have skill caps. Some people just cant get any better. Skill means nothing to me. its all in fun. Bragging over skill is stupid and being reset a few levels and loosing sh** isnt worth it. And just because the poster above me or below me being better at the game they get to keep a certain rank then i do?! NO! Say i worked HARD to get to SR-80 worked nonstop 3 days because i had them off from work. This thing you mention pops up and i got to an SR-31?! WTF do i have i get from my work besides a lvl drop? Nothing. My self accomplishment would be in the trash. Sorry for the long post but F that.
  10. I agree with you OP, i think that the females look EXTREMELY anorexic. I hate it. Like My girl beat legendary with me (she was so proud of herself.) and she went to go get the MK6 armor and just shook her head. She hated it.Some armor in here doesnt fit right on the female. We understand its cosmetic but we wear our armor because we earn them. She gets an commedation and lvls up, Cool! But all that hard work and ****ty armor?i think that at the very least they should update the armors to fit the females better, or bring back the reach models.
  11. i guess you could say boosting for it, but the way i did it i only had 1 friend play with me and we played regicide. We still fought eachother but we had a bet on who could assassinate who the most in one regicide game. I won. it still gave it a legit ending, and in the end we both got our armor. But hey to each their own honestly. boosting in halo doesnt really affect anything. all armor (specializations aside.) are purely cosmetic
  12. i feel the same way yet i agree with them as well, maybe if they had a seperate custom games lobby call "deployment" could i understand that, but now unfortunatly it doesnt seem our prometheans and covies are out of our reach.
  13. I find its most useful for fighting hunters solo on S.O. I like it aside from distance but idk, its a decent armor ability.
  14. I like the sounds of this forge map. Ill check it out for ya!
  15. This topic could go one of two ways in my opinion, While on one hand we would feel the tradition of H3 flood it would make it somewhat unfair and fair at the same time. I think that if the flood have the ability to carry weapons take away their speed? Fair enough? I think so. The speed makes my head spin (in a good way, dnt think im complaining.). I guess what im trying to say is im agreeing and disagreeing at the same time. Put more depth into OP? :l
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