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  1. dude thats awesome that a legit replica of hershel's farm
  2. a mix of both I can see and what I see is really cool
  3. everybody loves invasion they might as well but it in halo 5 to make us all happy
  4. I want forge world from reach, but what I think halo 5 needs is textures for blocks and etc.. ,halo 5 also needs customizable climates (rain, snow, day night etc. I would like it if they let u have unlimited money and things in the forge menu, I would also like it if they made it so u didn't have to wait so long to go into player mode make it like reach remember you don't always get what you want
  5. I don't know let just hope they take some things Reach and the other games too
  6. I agree but here are a few things it might need; 1. there needs to be unlimited budget 2. make it so you can build and go as high as u want 3. be able to have under water vehicles 4. forge world from halo Reach needs brought back
  7. the duel wielding was the best in halo 3 it needs to be in halo 5
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