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  1. Thanks I had a look at the website and sent an email looking for info but looks like something I'd like to join
  2. Does sound good I have done the same as above as I am in the UK aswell I look forward to the next update
  3. Is there one tomorrow as I'd love to be involved and what time GMT?
  4. Really looking forward to this since I am stuck with a wp7 till march when I can upgrade going to get it on the 360 as cant really afford an xbox one so close to xmas
  5. I love the old music as well as the new music it made sense to start from scratch as it is a completely new story as Spyro said it would make sense to reuse old music for an easter egg but during the gamplay it makes sense for new music for a new story and to be honest I thought the Neil did a good job considering what came before was a lot to live up to but thats just my opinion
  6. Just wondering what games are being planned is it all Halo or is it going to be a mix I.e Gears of War, GTA V and Battlefield? To be honest I am happy with either just Halo or a mash up
  7. I would love to take part my days off are mainly weekends as work mostly during the week so can do Saturdays, Sundays and possibility some Friday nights only issue is I am in the UK so there will be quite a time difference that may cause issues
  8. Cant put it down accept when I have to go to work and even then I dont want too!
  9. Just read the update gonna be awesome to play bet you guys cant wait to get it out there
  10. He is defiantly alive remember what was powering the composer was a Slipspace portal and that is what he fell into so he could have been transported anywhere if you read the book Ghosts Of Onyx the Forerunners were experts at manipulating subspace so who knows
  11. Not as bad as I thought I will get the K/D and win/lose back up at somepoint
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