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  1. Looking good, so much better than what it eas in the early days and looks like the quLity of your models, artwork and environments is fantastic? How is the progranning coming along. General FPS Aside have you got some deceng logic in place for power ups player health and shielding, etc? How about AI? If you want to chat about the programming side of it we can and a good approach to those things
  2. Hi all, Not sure if there any developers here who want to take a crack at the Halo 5 API, but I have taken some time to start migrating all the endpoints in a nice easy to use wrapper, so that all you need to do is provide your API Token and then just call any method. It's still a WIP, but adding to it daily! It's available on Github here And on NuGet here I am happy to answer any questions about it or help anyone get set up if they want data
  3. Unity3D utilising C# for the codebase. C# WebAPI to handle all server side data And of course I am going to need your skill
  4. Hi all, I am the creator of UNSC Warfare, and we recently asked members of the game what they wanted for the future of UNSC Warfare. Following that vote the decision was made to make a successor, a UNSC Warfare 2.0 if you will. You can read more about it here. The project was good fun, and all things considered, a success. It's time to make a mobile version. More features, 3D Battles, more units, more missions moremoremoremore. I have come here, to my base of operations within the Halo extended community to find people who want to be part of the project. As you are aware can't make money off the project so naturally there will be no payment, but you will gain satisfaction in actively developing (yes we are actually coding here, and building something rather than saying we are) something the community, and hopefully you will enjoy. What I am looking for! HALO LORE MASTERS (Already got some applicants, but we are keeping the most talented who can work with us) 3D Modellers - This is integral. We need some 3D Modellers. Even if you are a hobbyist, just post or PM examples of your work. The models don't have to be super high quality as they are from top down and will be used on mobile devices! Lowpoly is good as well if you can do it right! So get in contact, post and share your creations! Animators - Self explanatory Environment Designers/Modellers - Self explanatory So get involved. If you have any questions please fire away!
  5. The future is here.. http://unscwarfare.com/Blog/Post/1083/unsc-warfare-2-0-3d-game
  6. Again I still only see artwork - have you guys made any progress dev wise? Last I saw it was just a standard FPS kit...
  7. IMPORTANT NEWS AND VOTE : PLEASE READ AND VOTE http://unscwarfare.com/Blog/Post/1082/mammoth-unit-added-and-a-vote-for-project-direction
  8. As per the vote on the front page and via chat Mammoths have just been added
  9. It should, it has a mobile design, and the battles should work. Might be a little jumpy but should be ok. Good stuff - I saw you in chat last night but just missed you.
  10. No need for a gaming PC - it's all browser based - you can play on your phone if you wish
  11. Just going to echo most of the people here. I preferred FuD also. However I did like the second story Idea in Nightfall. If it was better overall they would have been the icing.
  12. Vote for next units in game! http://unscwarfare.com/Blog/Post/1081/increase-in-members-unit-vote-optimisations
  13. Retweet the following tweets to support a XBOX ONE 3D RTS F2P Version of UNSC Warfare https://twitter.com/Glitch100/status/587637738981163010 https://twitter.com/Glitch100/status/587638333800591360
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