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  1. That's what I'm talking about! How did you know that was my favorite snack?
  2. I feel most welcome. now let me take these babies to my lai- HOME! and remind you all that I am not evil.
  3. yes, I agree, maybe you can shoot caboose too?
  4. i want a gun that oozes the blood of slain foes
  5. yes: add more than just re-skined guns take that COD
  6. I know, it hurts sometimes. but when i curl up in bed with barney's disembodied head... I know its all okay WOOF! correct, I enjoy your welcome. please direct me to your nearest babie dispenser
  7. Hi, im Doom87er I am the most sadistic human being you will ever meet. I am dedicted to what ever i set my mind too, espcialy if it involves feeding your bone marrow to your first born child. nice to see you all. (they made me do this!)
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