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  1. Does anyone think that Bungie could take over Halo, in the future? I am somewhat intrigued, by the idea. It just popped into my head, after initially playing H5. Could Microsoft come to the conclusion, that Halo is dying? Many of you, may be thinking... "Fox, Bungie isn't going to come back to Microsoft, let alone Halo." That may be true. Bungie might not come back to Halo. I just think that Halo needs a re-branding, of some kind. It needs to return to what, we loved. That was a slower FPS, that branded itself as something, entirely different then anything else. It was such a different style of game, compared to anything else on the market. I am entirely wondering, what others think about this. As I have been pondering, what is to become of the game, I once loved. Sorry for not being as active, friends. <3
  2. Congrats to Yoshi and SD. I am very proud of both you guys! Keep up the hard work!
  3. Hello, guuuyyysss. I am happy to say, that I have returned to some capacity. My mom hasn't exactly gotten better, but I can't stay hidden from my friends, for to long. I am glad to see, that the forums have kept running smoothly. Sure, we have lost a member or two, but the forums remain ever so bright. And for that, I am forvever thankful. McCloud out. ~ P.S. Or McButt
  4. Howdy, people. Gamertag: Yur Teamate P.S. Yes, I am everyone's teammate.
  5. Congratulations, Ash. I am extremely proud of you. Keep up the good work!
  6. Banned for continuing to tell Caboose of his downfalls
  7. Choose the red fox! It looks most like me, and I would love to share a Foxy companion.
  8. The rebels will be lost without you, BZ. We have talked occasionally, over my time here. You will be sorely missed, friend. May you live life to it's fullest potential.
  9. The good 'ole DMR. I love the scope on it, which can help a ton in Slayer, Swat, and among many other gametypes.
  10. First to ask this: Why the name change, good sir?
  11. Excellent interview as always DD. I look forward to more content. BATMAN- Don't forget about Wayne Enterprises. It will certainly fail without Bruce Wayne.
  12. What is your perception of Halo, as a brand?
  13. Lack of communication, first and foremost. Messages should be dispersed to the community forums messenger and to the user's XBL/PSN messages. All active partipants need to be contacted as soon as physically possible. This will prevent confusion, while clearing up all the details of the playdate.
  14. Sign me up! Team Oldies! :3
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