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  1. Congratulations on the gaming girl AD! We'll have to play Halo 3 again sometime, I had lots of fun playing on Last stand a while ago. We should all play it. For now, farewell!
  2. To the Australian anime enthusiast, Pokemon player, and mannered mudkip whom taught us that friendship is magic. I. Am. Inferior. You have taught me a lot, lots of it I use almost everyday. You are honest, have never asked for rank, treat everyone equally, and have never changed yourself and the way you appear for anyone else. These are traits I and others aspire towards. To convey these traits, is damned hard but for you it is simple, it is you and for you to reach this rank was only an amount of time, with the amount of time and work you give to this forum. Azaxx, you've been though a lot these last years, but I want you to know that, that is only a small part of your life. With the passion you show and give to this forum everyday, the smiles you put on peoples faces, the thought out conversations you contribute to and with your incredible humor, you can do whatever you want! And like this, it will come. I'm looking forward to our new/old protector of the shoutbox. Continue teaching the inferior green members of the forum. Teach something to the old members too! Do your thing Azaxx, it wouldn't be the same without you. Love 'you'.
  3. Serena from Halo Wars. I know Halo Wars didn't have a perfect campaign and what we saw of the characters was little, but what we did see showed emotion. Serena strikes me because of her sarcastic and prude humor. It's something I love to give, and get. We also know she has a short life span and she would not live to see her colleagues wake up from Cryo. (She's also clothed and I respect that)
  4. I guess this is a day late (though we should remember and respect the people who have fought for our livelihood everyday), but I'll say something anyway. Be you Allied or Axis, White or Red, Strong or weak. You fought for what you thought was right, and what you knew was right. The people back home. It is thanks to you the world is in such a peaceful state right now. You give though peacekeeping and give though peacemaking and all of us are honored that we don't have to give as much today. Lots of you gave the thing everyone fears to loose, and those who didn't now face struggles and memories of the torture they went though. For us. Lets hope that someday we wont have anymore veterans because of peace. But we will always remember you. Love Nicholas.
  5. The picture with the aqueduct looking bridge is amazing, incredible. I'm just wondering what it will have to do with the game, or if it will have anything to do with it at all. It isn't the last city, and thinking that there would be another city or sister cities that have been beaten back to med evil building methods by the alien evil forces is unlikely. It maybe a "back in time" story piece, perhaps the last city is almost made with it in mind, or a city that at one point been in the same situation as the last city. Questions, questions, questions. Hmm, thanks for find Omega!
  6. ΠΘVΛ

    ΠΘVΛ's mess.

    Pictures of things I have created, drawings, paintings, the works.
  7. Azaxx told me to make a rock, this is what I made him.
  8. Count me in I think it's time to get my duel wielding back on.
  9. I'm very exited, we all know the quality and detail Bungie puts into their games, I'm sure they will take enough time to get it right. I'll admit the story line seems sketchy, well a lot of it is so far but I trust them
  10. This is a new drawing, I'm almost finished.
  11. For some it may seem like I have already left but I haven't, soon will though... Before I depart I'd like to say thanks, not only to all the friends I've made on here but also the other people who made my days a good time. There was a short period of my short life where those nice days were slim, but the community of this forum helped me though it, everything once lost was mended and I had all of you to thank for that. You became a second family to me, I never did much around home, mostly chatted. I'd like to say thanks to those close family members you know who you are and I'd like to thank you especially. I've seen and been though a lot of here and have done some things I regret and would like to take my time to say sorry. A person is remembered for what they have done, what I'd like you guys to remember me as, is a green member. For fellow green members, good luck on your journey, and keep in mind and don't ever forget it. This is a family.
  12. I really hope so, steam sales on console? that would be amazing and they would give a chance for indie developers trying to get into the console business a lot easier, also I think Valve would be better to consumers and give people more of what they want, Microsoft is still awesome but Valve stands apart for me, great find!
  13. A whole life ahead of her, ahead of many. I wont talk much because I don't take situations like this very well, but Twin I truly mean it when I say I'm sorry, sorry for your whole family, sorry for something I didn't even do. I say sorry because I get that feeling in my gut, that feeling of regret and dis pare something clearly that man with a gun did not feel. I am sorry.
  14. Cya Derp, you where a fun guy, we played quite a few good games in Reach, I'll never forget the time we (mostly you) beat Biggles. Hope this isn't a last goodbye ... < _ >
  15. Looking around we call all see the people Elf has touched and formed diamond friendship. Elf you can connect to everyone and I can see why, when talking to you and Azaxx I feel like a kid, as if nothing is expected of me and I would know I'd never be judged, being friends with such amazing people is quite literally a joy-ride and a vacation from the world outside. You are so selfless and so patient, qualities many people would love to have, including myself. I'm sure you are an amazing mother and wife to a very lucky man. Although you didn't know it, you gave so much and this month is when you get some back. Congratulations my good friend and thank you :hug:
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