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  1. I would like it as well. Personally, I would love both command levels of ground fights and focusing on them, but also going out to a air or even space battle happening near-by. A conquest mode would be hard to pull-off in real-time. But my solution to so no one get's knocked out easily during those games where if you go offline you can be taken out easily, should either multiply unit strength by 5 times so they pretty much equal their normal damage of if someone was using their abilities and fighting, or they could simply put shields around their units that is too powerful to break, even with say 100 scarubs attacking it at once if you wanna pound at ONE unit for 5 hours go for it. But it would also mean his units don't fight back either. It's a nice idea really. And the ability to make custom units and leaders, custom leader powers and everything else would be nice as well. Perhaps even something like in a free play mode like you said would be neat to just explore and random encounter other players, making allies and such if you want. Granite can still fight, but I doubt very much ya know? A free mode to explore would be nice too, maybe you can have your own private version of it where you can have up to 9 other friends join in on it for 10 players and can always "Save" your progress including random encounters with other races on it as well.
  2. Triston

    Halo Wars 2 Wishes

    They did a recent update to where 2 Railgun turrets defeat a PT without losing a single turret. They made the turrets a lot stronger, enough to be worth getting mid-late game against large armies. It might help win your defenses and battles at this point.
  3. One big disagreement with the late game for Covy. Lean to use Arbiter more. Arbiter with full pop Suicide Grunts can hot-drop in the army fast from 2-3 bases and suicide a UNSC base with 18-20 Suicide Grunts. Or use full pop banshee army with Arbiter. Brute army works well too. Learn to exploit the powers of the units, not just flaws and weaknesses.
  4. I heard all the complaints for what is too powerful, what is too weak, what is a try hard and so on. But I test things, in every way I can and I found things very interesting: Hunters vs Power Turrets: Hunters easily lose to Power Turrets all because of Canister Shell. It's a 2-to-1 ratio that you can make a 4-to-1 ratio in power with 4 Hunters equaling 1 Power Turret if you Micro well. 25 Hunters only beat 13 power turrets if they are without infinite canister shells and they don't micro at all, but they don't win by very much. Hunters don't beat PT's. Banshees, however, do. Banshee's also beat Wolverines when using Arbiter due to damage boost and Arbiter can help out. Banshees lose to Vampires and Hawks only. But beat all else, and 25 beat a Scarub with no Arby help and lose only 1-3 units. 2 scarubs with Army help they only lose 8-12. With that digit said, let's get to strategies then... Arbiter Banshee strategy: The only Covenant counter is Arby(Or Prophet) with an army of Vampires. The only 2 UNSC counters is Cutter with ODST spam or Anders with Wolverine Army. If you do PT army, I suggest not even fighting the banshee army, go for their bases to knock them out first. Anders Power Turret Strategy: Only Covenant counter Arbiter or Prophet with Banshee army. 2 UNSC counters: Army of Set Down Cobra's with Anders or Cutter with ODST Spam from 3 Spartan Elephants(If you want to get a terrible rate of win-loss for unit counts at least). A small counter for UNSC side would be army of Grizzlies and power-through continuously to their base and hope to take them out first. But Microed PT's still beat Grizzlies ultimately. Captain Cutter pumping strategy: As stated above, 3 spartan Elephants that can pump out the equivalent of about 6 Barracks at a time, plus ODST drop support and Mac Blast to deal with Grizzzlies or PT's a bit. 1 Covy Counter: Army of Jackals with Arbiter or Chieftain. Soft Covy Counter is super scarub strategy with Arbiter. 3 UNSC Counters: Army of Flame Throwers with any leader, Grizzly army/PT Army or Hawk army. No actual soft counter. Anders Wolverine Army: 1 covenant soft counter is Army of Hunters with Arbiter. 2 UNSC Counters is army of set down Cobra's with any Leader or Grizzlies. ODST is more of a soft-counter to Wolverines due to Wolverines are cheap and easy to make, and easy to pump out as well, and 1 wolverine can almost beat 2 ODST's solo. Anders Hawk Army: 3 Covenant Counters: Vampires any leader, Scarub with Arbiter or Prophet or do Banshee army with Arbiter. They have to pick who to target Arbiter or Banshees, they can't fight both at once since Arby alone can beat all 20 Hawks if you are good with him, if not about 10 solo. Banshee's can take about 8 Hawks on their own. Cheiftain Brute strategy: 2 Covenant Counters army of Jackals any leader, Super Scarub strategy. 4 UNSC counters army of Grizzlies or PT's, Hawk Army, Flamethrower army with any leader or Wolverine army any leader. That's for the more trollish and good strategies. And to settle the differences in statistics to prove a few things from my testing: Cobra's are far more powerful than Grizzlies, even when not set down. Grizzlies got amped up recently to beat PT's if you can stop them from microing, Hunters decimate Cobra army, Vulture army easily get's beaten just from Power Turrets(Let alone Wolverines), Vampires rule the skies entirely, Banshees are the ultimate hit-and-run units that are near impossible to kill if the player uses them well and so on. Hawks>Hornets Grizzlies>=Power Turrets Scarubs<Nearly everything Arbiter>All other Covy leaders, even without powers on both sides Elephants>Scarub and Gauss Warthogs Gauss Warthogs<=ODST depends on your leader Super Scarub<Power Turrets and Wolverine Army Gremlins<=ODST again microing has a big part in this Gremlins are far more powerful than Cobra's, even if set down. Flamethrowers<=Brutes depends on if the guy using brutes know's how to jetpack away from flashbang or not in time Jackals<Flamethrowers Banshees<Hornets but are stronger than Hawks vs Vehicles including their anti's from the UNSC side, and have more power vs buildings Cheiftain<All other covenant leaders in strength, but has the second strongest unique unit Suicide Grunts>Nearly everything on the ground except Power Turrets and Wolverines due to being out-run Arbiter>=Hawks depends on how well he is used Prophet<Arbiter if the guy is half decent with Arby at least Prophet>Most Airforce except Vampires ODST<Brutes big time unless you pump them out incredibly fast and the guy doesn't micro his Brutes at all Microed Power Turrets>Everything except Banshee spam w/Arbiter Microed Wolverines>Everything except Grizzly spam or Cobra spam Hope this helps everyone understand what strategy to use. And if the enemy is mostly Covy, I suggest 3 PT's with Spartans, everything else all Wolverines if you aren't Anders for the sake of if they do Banshees Power Turrets WILL lose that fight. If they have a forge, I suggest all Power Turret Army as an Anders since Cryo can help deal with Banshee spam for a short time, getting your guys veterancy easily, and able to micro down Grizzly spammers in a few minutes and ultimately win(Just don't stop pumping Scorpions on your end otherwise you'll still lose and quickly). Grizzlies can NOT be microed. Why? They have no canister power compared to PT. If you attempt to micro by way of Canister or quick hit-and-runs, Power Turrets will win against Grizzlies due to 13 Canisters from Grizzlies barely kills 1 Power Turret, whereas 13 PT canisters can splash and take down almost 3 grizzlies, 1 guaranteed to die with 2 either heavily wounded or dead as well. You will lose if it's an anders player microing PT's due to they can freeze your guys and just charge into your bases taking them out stopping your production and THEN dealing with your Grizzlies by microing them down. And trapping doesn't work on PT's vs anti's on the ground or even Grizzlies, just canister a hole past the enemy army. Microing, 13 PT's with Anders can beat down 20 Grizzlies, 38 Hunters(Roughly) 2 scarubs, and 3 Arbiters by the time your army dies(Which I did. Both vs Legendary AI and vs online players). If you think microing isn't very big here is this: Against 3 legendary AI's my wolverine Army full Pop took down a army of Banshees with maxed Arby and Scarub, healers, Brute army, wraith army maxed out, and a hunter army at least 7 times before I had to get off totalling my score of over 800 enemy squads killed, only losing about 38 on my end. Against players: Grizzly army + Hunter army only takes down 12/20 Wolverines. It takes the 3rd guy with PT's microing to win that fight for them against Wolverine Micro's. Microing can potentially make your units fight up to 10x more than what they normally can. So don't just charge in, be a bit smarter next time. If you have pumping power and THINK that will win it for you, don't think that very much. First off, I can hold off 4 full pump bases on Deathmatch with 3 Spartan Power Turrets vs 33 Grizzlies, still take down 6 bases, fight and kill roughly a total of about 50 grizzlies before finally losing all 3 PT's and Spartans. Might I add, I DID assault his main Pumping base(All Vehicle Depots), and he was pumping Cobra's only at that point. Still destroyed most of the base, and went to destroy another base of His instead. Smarts>Power Tactical>Numbers Quick>Heavy Hitting Kinda how I work. I hope this helps everyone though, wanting to see GOOD Halo players, not the ones that spam hoping to win that way only. Or that don't know how to counter.
  5. I would be looking forward to a better control system, hopefully somewhat similar to Supreme Commander 2 as it allows mass command, mass technology upgrades, and mass diverse armies(Each Faction with at least 40 different units unique to them). I would also be looking forward to if they do add a custom commander/faction you can create yourself as well. Would be nice to play the way I like rather than adjust to strategies I don't like doing(Which Stormrise and SupCom2 both let me do on my own). What if we added a sort of high-power, high-cost units for Halo Wars 2 that require a large amount of Tech Level to get, and they are considered sort of like "Experimentals" sort of like what SupCom2 has? Supreme Commander 2 allows the LT Trigger to open up an entirely new dialog box for alternate commands and abilities for units(And an entire tech-tree dedicated to your ACU(Armored Command Unit) which is neat). Experimentals like maybe Super Scarub, Mammoth, Mantis'... Maybe allow a sky-battle zone for if someone get's small UNSC Frigates along with Covenant Corvette Class Battleships and such so it allows multi-command of units and different fighting zones perhaps? There's a lot that can be added into HALO Wars along with HALO Wars 2 when it comes out. I just hope they keep support up for the game for longer than the first, and actually take the time to fix all bugs and glitches, and try to fix all balancing issues. Granite, I don't think the Canister repeating over and over again to Infantry only is a glitch for HALO Wars when you consider: Hunters get double pumped too easily vs Vehicles to UNSC, without the glitch Hunters can beat them back, Banshees dominate even wolverines when you have Arbiter assisting or Chieftain and without infinite Canister Shell, someone can triple pump ODST with 3 Spartan Elephants endlessly and eventually out-match the tanks 10 to 1 in production. There are some things that seem to be glitches that aren't, and then there are some that are like Arbiter teleporting across the map randomly when in rage mode fighting air. Anyways. I really hope Halo Wars 2 is great.
  6. For HALO Wars(The first one). I just figure, for 343's sake because of how bad the launches were on the first HALO War's with it's reputation, a lot of people seem to not wanna try HALO Wars 2, a lot do as well. Fix the rep on the original before making the Second come out in 2017 for Next Gen console. All it really takes is some statistic changes with the units. 7 in particular being: Grizzly Scorpion Tank Wolverine Vampire Scarub Gauss Warthog Spartans I am thinking more for a business perspective since that is what 343industries would, what best benefits them and their players alike. So let's get started then shall we? Scorpion Tanks: Realistically they suck. Gauss Hogs and Mantis beat them without much a problem and so does Spartan Laser and Air. But for the sake of RTS they should be able to take some force before dying, which is good. However, the Health Rating should be reduced by 15% and Armor increased by 5%, for the sake of so they can be healed a little bit easier and fight more efficiently, rather than easily beaten back by anti's they can hit-and-run a turtle shelled base slowly down. Also, while at it, increasing Canister damage by 10%, regular shot damage by 20% would be nice so they can break defense lines enough for supporting forces to get past without everything being killed. Grizzlies: This is a super unit, meant to beat and be better than Power Turrets. I see it was amped down from the original because people complained of it being too powerful. Well it is a super unit, it's meant to be like that, but upping it's cost per tank would make them not complain as much. But they do have a balance issue: They don't beat microed power-turrets still even with the recent stat update. They only win in a straight head-on fight with them, not hit-and-run tactics. So maybe to prevent that to be tank killers like they are, increasing Canister Damage by 50%, Regular shell damage by 15% per hit, reducing Armor by 10% and reducing health by 5% would compensate well. The reduction in Health and Armor only because the mass damage output can be abused easily due to their massive Armor and Health. So let's make it a bit more fair then. Vampire: I get they are Anti-Air and they are an Air unit which isn't very smart, it made Covenant more hopeless vs UNSC. So why not make them have even more Health, and much more damage vs Armor just for the sake of they can do something against a Wolverine Army. Just a 13 Star Wolverine means 25 Vampires gone. I would think they should be able to take on about 5 wolverines out of 20 with no veteranized units just for a slight balance deal. Maybe 50% more Health, 325% more damage vs Armor, 10% more damage vs Air and it should be fine afterwards. I will have to experiment to see for certain though after that. Scarub: In realistic terms it should have low health, decent armor, insane damage. Not the opposite. For the sake of RTS, why not find a bit more balance in that? Perhaps 25% less health, 10% less armor, but it has 70% more damage. So mass armies it's not built to take on. It's meant to thin out armies. The scarub started unbalanced only because it didn't have damage output, but because of the mass health, even 30% more damage would of caused an even bigger balance issue with the game. So I found a way to sacrifice some Health and Armor for a more realistic scarub with high damage, without the unbalanced gameplay. Gauss Warthog: They in themselves, have the balance issue by way of numbers and low power output. They are meant to have a high DPS output, terrible armor, terrible health, but really fast and good scouts. Maybe perhaps a bit more realistic say 10% less armor and health, 75% more damage vs everything, specifically 100% more vs Heavy Armor(Grizzlies, Scorpions, Wraiths and Scarubs). But for the sake of balancing with this, make them cost 200 each rather than 150 due to the power increase, so it takes more to keep the army out. Spartans: Ok I am not sure what the makers were on when they did this, but apparently since when does it take 100 spartan lasers to kill one PT tank? Or better yet, 20 to take a Cobra down? And when they heck did Spartans get so strong in terms of Shields? I think this represents in a balance issue in terms of annoyance to armies and a pain. So perhaps make it more realistic: With the regular spartans no upgrades +15% more DPS, but 10% less shields. With chaingun upgrade: 35% more DPS, 5% less shields than it has. With Neural Implant: 20% more DPS than it has, no change to shields. With Spartan Laser: Should deal 500% More damage vs Armor, 300% more vs Leaders(Covy leaders but they do fine against other Spartans already), but 10% less Shields. Spartans were meant more towards: High Damage Output, well trained, better vs everything than ODST should be not worse in most fields. But can't take much a beating via HALO Series. My favorite: The Wolverine. Now see, personally I love it due to it's Hit-And-Run take damage for days crap it does. But the balance issues is too much Base Destroying power, not powerful enough Anti-Air to take down Vultures(6 Mega-Barrage Vultures DO BEAT 20 Wolverines I already proved it to a friend, though the last Vulture standing was barely alive). I propose: 25% Less Building Damage, 50% more damage vs Air per Missile. Now the other balance issue with wolverines: Only because of change in stats with Grizzlies and Scorpion Tanks, reduce Volley damage by 20% vs Armor on the ground HOWEVER: The Dual Launches should double it's DPS from without. So about 60% stronger than before. This isn't an issue due to: The Volley attempts to auto-track targets ahead of time, they spray everywhere when fired tracking targets and a redirection means you lost at least 70% of your firepower. The extra fire power is only too powerful if a target sits their tanks down in a stationary spot thinking that's the way to beat an army. Doing that vs a Scarub or Cobra's means you will lose miserably. Wolverines should work the same just for the sake of "We can take on tanks if you don't pay attention to them and think they handle everything." But this can be abused as well so let's make it a bit more where you can't: -15% Health, +10% Armor. More armor so they keep the balance VS Air, the Armor will do very little vs Tanks thanks to heavily reduced Health. So if you don't pay attention to your Wolvs, they will die fast. I also heard a lot of people want custom units for HALO Wars 2? That would be nice, I have my own ways to keep that from being too powerful example being: Allow it only in Skirmishes, and custom games that people can toggle on and off the options to restrict them or not, they can't be used in online ranked. Just a lot of thoughts. I hope this helps, but the rule follows of: Don't publish a sequel to a bad game until you turn the first around enough to have a good launch of the sequel.
  7. For example: Get a mass army of Hunters: No ground force alive can kill them. Unless all Flamethrowers. But even then they do good damage vs Infantry AND against Vehicles. Another example: Gremlins Good Armor Dmg and good Support type, can't fight air at all and is next-to-useless vs infantry. People rush with gremlins vs Forge and Anders all because: They would go usually Tanks or vehicles of a sort to start off. They OP against Armor, but very VERY easily countered. Get 5 Marine Groups non-leveled and they can take down a Spartan Gremlin with ease, maybe 2 even. Rushing With Tanks is Overpowered if people don't have an army of gremlins because you can own Hunters with them half the time if they are in mass amounts. So I was thinking... Why not make the game a slight bit more realistic to the actual HALO Series? Gauss Warthogs: Should do 50% more damage vs Armor, give them a super upgrade that costs 5 or 6 power to get the Rocket Pod upgrade for them since it'd make them very powerful, but you have to put a lot of extra into it to even get it, and splash damage vs Infantry. They've ALWAYS had splash damage. Scorpion Tanks: Should have -10% Health, and deal 20% more damage. They have too much Health to be realistic, but too little damage to be realistic as well. Grizzly's: -10% Health, +10% Damage. Same as the Scorpion Tanks. Hawks: -10% Health, -5% Damage. All around a slight bit too OPed vs Infantry AND ground Forces. The only hope you have is a mass army of Wolverines or Vampires against Hawks. Vultures: -10% Health, +30% Damage. It has a slight bit too much Health: However the Damage is considerately too low for this unit. Scarub: -30% Health, +60% Damage. Scarubs in reality have low health and armor, but have INSANE Damage. Let's make that more true. Prophet of Regret: +10% Health and Shields, +10% Cleanse Beam Damage. Let's face it, Prophet is underpowered in some respects. He's only good mainly vs air and infantry, and sometimes a decent Base Destroyer. But Scarubs, Vultures, Hawks, Tanks etc dominate him. Gremlins: +50% more damage to Infantry, splash damage vs Infantry, EMP should be able to be used on Infantry to lethally kill them. Because a focused EMP(Electro Magnetic Pulse) would honestly kill a person due to it shocking the body's heart and brain to give out. Though their splash damage should be weak instead of a ton as a mass group with high splash damage would OP anything on the ground. However: Gremlins I notice can fire at spartans while hijacking Air, but everything else like Scorpion Tanks don't with their main turret. Why? This shows Gremlins CAN shoot at the air, but they made it so they can't. So I would say: Let them be able to shoot air and EMP them, however the EMP vs air has a 50-50 chance to make them fall to the ground and they do less damage vs air than vs armor. About 60% of normal damage honestly so they can't be perfectionist units. But also know, if you think EMPing any unit is OP it's not. 40 Gremlins maxed can emp 120 units right? Problem: People can't individually EMP all 40 rapidly. So they shortcut most and waste over 80% of the EMP's power. So they have to choose: EMP Infantry, Armor OR Air. They can't EMP all of it. And it would leave them defenseless vs most of them once the EMP is fired. EMP is what makes Gremlins powerful, but take it out of the equasion when they go up against all 3 types of armies, watch them faulter in seconds. On top of that, give Gremlins the first upgrade at 2 power, then 3 power for Chain Amp and give a final Super Upgrade for 4 Power that gives it the Ability to Fight Air or something. But it'd cost a full 800 or 900 supplies and some time to research. Make it cost a bit to get. Elite Honor Guard: -15% Health, +5% Damage. They easily rush enemies due to massive health and damage. Brutes: -10% Health. Their Damage is fine honestly. But their health is so high that they can face tanks and armor and win when maxed out. Brute Chieftain: -5% Health, +10% Damage, +25% Vortex Damage. His Vortex splits damages in a large enemy group, So why not give it some power to back it up instead? Chieftain is the weakest of the 3 leaders vs anything. Arbiter: -10% Health, +10% Damage. His Health Amount is too much during rushes, but his Damage is a bit underpowered just a slight bit. Suicide Grunts: Oh my gosh, +10% Health, +10% Damage, -15% Suicide Damage. Their Suicide Damage in 40 can dominate entire bases. 10 can destroy a cov base with no shields, with takes only 15. 20 to destroy a UNSC base with 3 maxed reactors on it and so forth. Even 15 can wreck a Scarub. Their Suicide damage is too high. Flamethrowers: +5% Health, +15% Damage. They honestly don't have good damage output vs Jackel Anti Infantry. If anything, Jackels are stronger than the UNSC Flamethrowers even though Flamers have Flashbang, it's not enough if the Jackels are far away enough or covered by a small armored force. Wolverine: +10% Damage with Grenades, +30% Volley Damage vs Armor and Infantry. In mass amounts they're good vs Light Armor and Air and MOST Infantry, however, it only takes 10 Grizzly's to dominate a full size of Wolverines. Comeon their Volley is a TON of missiles, that would wreck any type of infantry and armor really. Cobra's: +5% Health, -5% Damage. Make their Deflection Plating GUARANTEE a Hit vs Air attacks when they fire at them. Like Banshee's Bomb attacks, Hornet's Missiles etc. Give them some fighting ability vs air because against UNSC Air, they do nothing at all to them.Not even Vultures. ODST: -10% Health. Their Health is a little too much. 40 ODST have the damage AND Health to back up a heavy assault. The only counter vs ODST is a mass army of Flamethrowers which become useless if tanks come in to assist the ODST or if you get maxed Mac Blast to kill half that Flame Army. Hunters: -50% Health, +10% Damage. They have good damage already, but honestly for Anti Vehicles not enough. However, in mass amounts the damage ISN'T the problem it's their massive health. I mean, 2 groups can kill one Flame Thrower group. So 20 can kill 10 flame throwers. It's too much due to Health. They beat almost EVERY Ground force period. And people rush with Hunters together with Brutes because of this sole key fact. Cyclops: -10% Health. Let's be honest here, they are Building Destroyers... But owning Infantry too? That's too much. Reduce their health slightly give Infantry a good chance to fight them. Spartans: +10% Shields, +10% Health, Spartan Laser Damage +125% vs armor and +100% vs air. Let's face it, Spartans are SERIOUSLY underpowered. Take out the Hijack, they're near useless vs Armor or Air even with Spartan Laser. That Laser does next-to-nothing vs Armor, and is only some damage vs air. That laser in REALITY has Splash Damage vs Infantry too. UNSC Heal And Repair: +75% Effectiveness. Let's face it, if it's in 1-3 unit's it's O.K. but on Super Units and Uber Units like Vultures, Scarubs, Grizzly's Hawks etc. it does nearly nothing to them at all! ESPECIALLY when there's a lot that need a healing. I can understand 3 UNSC heal's, but not when those 3 heals only heal by 25% to all unit's health of a army of Grizzly's. It's just not powerful enough. Cutter Mac Blast: +20% Damage. It's underpowered vs infantry and Air and Armor honestly. The Damage splits between units hit, so if I mac a vulture it's gone, if there's an air force with it I saw it do only 15% damage to the Vulture. Forge Carpet Bomb: +25% Damage vs Infantry. It's awesome at Armor, but the Damage against Infantry it has flat out sucks. ODST if they got full health it won't kill a SINGLE group of ODST just reduce health to anywhere from 15% to 30% left. Anders Cryo Bomb: I know it's a freeze and all, but wouldn't being frozen by Liquid Nitrogen potentially harm and kill in reality? Give it some damage on units frozen EVEN friendly's as well. It's not a lot of damage, the super cryo only has the damage to kill most infantry groups except ODST and leader's, but has the power to kill Gremlins, Locusts and really light armored vehicles due to it's effects. However, it's insanely small damage to heavy armored units like scarubs, tanks etc. Give people the chance to survive a mass spam of say anti infantry with anti vehicles from 2 teammates on the enemy team rather than it wearing off doing practically nothing but stall them. People have stopped playing HALO War's mainly DUE TO 75% of the Units being either Underpowered OR overpowered. People complain about gremlings being OP, when they aren't. If they make gremlins get hawks, banshee's, a scarub or vultures. They'll decimate them. If they get a wolverine army with them, no problem, have a teammate with ODST go in and kill them. Even with an update to Gremlins to EMP group force and such, it's not enough to stop ODST. Yeah EMP 9 ODST, watch a crap load more pop out and HOPE the Wolverins can volley them down fast enough to kill them off(They won't). I would like to see the EMP do up to 5 chains per each on Infantry only, due to it being super powered enough to EMP vehicles and such in a concentrated beam. It can do 3 chains on Vehicles and Air would be fair, cause against ODST that 5 chains is what ya need to remotely have a chance vs them. I mean, it takes spartan Gremlins for a lethal Chain against ODST. but non-spartan ones only do small damage to them like it makes a few die instantly within each group. Example: EMP vs Infantry only does 250% more damage than normal to Infantry groups in ODST. Spartan Gremlins boost it to 300% or 350% instead due to it having more powerful(Much more powerful) EMP attacks. Even then, the regular damage after a 50% boost would make them deal like... Take out about 25%-30% of an ODST's health in one shot, EMP would probably deal around 80%-90% from a single Spartan Gremling at 7 stars(But the last super upgrade for 4 power would make it an automatic 8 stars. Give Unique Units a chance to get to 14 stars too like super units).
  8. True. They need to revamp the entire game.
  9. Um... Hawks still have slightly too much dmg considering they EMP Tanks. On top of that, Gremlins somehow fire into the air at Spartans Hijacking planes, but can't attack air when they obviously can. So that's another screwed up thing. But the 2 MAJOR Units that are wayyy too Overpowered are: Spartan Scorpion Tanks and Scarubs. Scarubs have too much health, but crap dmg and armor(Which should be fixed). Scorpion Tanks have wayyy too much armor. Since when does it take a Gauss Warthog anywhere from 50 to 200 shots to kill a Tank? Oh yeah because you can't dominate an Arbiter with 2 scarubs even when he boosts ally damage. Take the Arbiter down, you have no worries. Arbiter, actually, only bounces back about 5% damage to units delt to him, and his speed only increases by 3x not 5x.
  10. Actually... Artiter has less Health and Damage than Chieftain. Oh wow... I hope they find a replacement for them then that redoes HALO Wars.
  11. Better yet, is Ensemble Studios doing it too? Because... There are some units with or even without Spartans that can be too overpowered, some underpowered as well. Some leaders are like this too. Nearly half the units actually, also, need some Buffs and Debuffs on their Health's and Damages. Example: I had 3 Spartan Gremlins all 7 stars, I EMPed an army of Scorpion tanks and win, because they're built for that, but it does next-to-no damage to Infantry, and can't even attack air. But yet it's called a "Unique Unit" even though it kinda sucks. You'd expect it to be better against infantry to say the least, or have light anti-air on it as well. Example 2: 3 Spartan Scorpion Tanks dominates a Scarub, and can take down armies of Cobra's easily. But against a Vulture flat-out suck. Example 3: Vultures dominate the Air and Ground, but Infantry OR Anti-Air dominate it too easily. Anyways um... But there should be some Buffs and Debuffs, a lot of people have been slowly breaking from HALO War's because of this imbalance. Since when does Infantry(ODST) beat Vehicles? I have used only 20 ODST and it can take down Grizzly's, PLUS Cutter's Mac Blast specialty. I already made a list of units in 3 categories: Overpowered, Underpowered and Useless. Overpowered Units: Canister Shell Scorpion Tanks: They have slightly too much health once at 9 stars or higher. Should be decreased by 10%. People Rush with this unit as well knowing it's nearly indestructible with Spartans, decrease damage by 5% as well. Grizzly's: Same purpose as Scorpion Tanks, should have 15% Reduced health, but increase Canister Damage by 10%. They lack firepower, but have too much Health/Armor on them. Maybe reduce their main gun firepower by 5% because their main guns actually are stronger than their canister shells at times, and reduce armor slightly because me and friends showed it has over 10x heavier armor than a 2-star scarub when it's a 14-star grizzly. Hawks: Their Damage Output is a bit too high. People, again, rush with this research as well and are powerful enough to beat all air, even Vultures, scarubs and Grizzly's. Sometimes even beat Anti-Air as well. Reduce Damage vs Armored units by 20%, and health by -10%. Scarub: Decrease health by 15%, it just takes too long to kill. It's not hard to kill, just takes forever to kill. Increase his Damage by 5%, and make it cost 4,000 instead so people can't rush with a Scarub within 3 minutes. ODST: Reduce damage by 5% and make them cost 150 to make instead of 100 to standard Infantry once upgraded to ODST. Prevents ODST rushes as well. Suicude Grunts: Just 10 grunts at the cost of 1,250 can almost destroy an entire fully done UNSC base that costs sometimes around 3,500 Resources to make. Reduce their Damage by 25% and Health by -10%. Elite Honor Guard: Reduce Damage and Health by 10%. They are made almost as strong as an actual Unupgraded Scorpion Tank head-to-head. Underpowered Units: Wolverine should have massively increased Grenade Damage to Armor and Infantry by 50%, or just give it Dual Grenade Launchers instead. Their Barrage is significantly too weak against any sort of Armored unit, yet shreds through Plane Armor even Vultures. It should increase damage by 100% with Barrage against Armor. Elephant: Increase it's Normal Turret Damages by 20%, and Defense Turrent Damage by 30%. I have seem 3 13 Star Elephants vs a Scarub, the Elephants only won due to the mass amount of ODST, but without them at all, they have amazing health and Armor, but the Damage it lacks severely. Just 1 14 star Grizzly can taken all 3 down and still have about 70% Health Left. Gremlin: Increase Infantry Damage by 50%, and 10% more damage to armor because it SHOULD be able to beat a Scorpion Tank in a 2 v 1 instead of 3 v 1 or 4 v 1 to win. Add the EMP and it still takes 2 or 3 to kill one Scorpion Tank head-to-head. It should have an Upgrade to get a Free-Moving Main Turret that it uses to attack armor, to attack the air as well. So it has a chance against Air. It's less effective, however, against air by -20% damage than normal. They should also have +10% Health and their EMP to Air should be able to knock down Hornets and Hawks, but Vultures and Maxed Prophet should be a low chance to do so. Prophet: +10% Health and +5% Shields should be given to him, he dies too easily too fast. And +5% Cleansing Beam Damage. Useless Units: Arbiter: He has Rage and heal-back, but he has too much health and damage against Infantry and Air Units, but against Armor he flat out sucks. Reduce Health by 10% and Damage to Infantry and Air by 5%. Brute Chieftain: Reduce health by 5% and Damage by -10%. But increase Vortex Damage by 25% since his Vortex sucks against any sort of armored units and Spartans. Brutes: -10% Damage. While good vs Light Armor and Infantry, and Light Air, they suck against Vultures, and Tanks flat-out. Make them do +5% Damage to Heavy Armored Units. Warthogs: People use these to Rush with Anders, and it works often. However, they are useless against Armor and sometimes even Vultures. Decrease Health by 5% and increase Damage by 5% all-around. Spartans: These guys are massively Underpowered with Damage-Output against nearly everything. +10% Spartan Laser Damage, -10% Shields +10% Health. Vultures: While labeled a "Super Unit" it acts more like a waste of money. It needs 20% more damage, but 5% less health. It should deal 10% more damage to air units with it's automatic missiles that shoot at sky units. Now about Training Times. How exactly does a Spartan train faster than Flame Throwers, Wolverines AND Gremlins AND Elephants? That needs to be fixed too. Training Times: Reduce Gremlins by 30%. Reduce Warthogs by 10%. Increase Spartans by 5%. Reduce Flamethrowers by 25%. Reduce Wolverines by 10%. I have seen 3 Spartans ALL 3 Stars with Spartan Laser Upgrade vs 2 Spartans with 2 star's and and a no-star spartan with just Chain Gun, and the Chain Guns nearly won against them. It's not right. On top of that, the Anti-Vehicle guys on the Covenant Side(I keep forgetting their names) should deal 10% less damage to vehicles, and have 15% less health. I mean seriously, 3 of them can destroy a Scorpion Tank without a problem, 15 of them maxed out can decimate a Scarub. If you want to know how overpowered a Grizzly is truly, me and my friend did a test. He and I were teammates, I had a 3 star Brute Chieftain, he had a 14-Star Grizzly. I had a 2-star TWO STAR Scarub. He sent 3 Vultures, I vortexed them all dead, the nexploded it on my Scarub: It lost about 35% Health. HOWEVER! I did the same thing exactly the same to his Grizzly, it lost about 8% Health only. Actually about 7%. This is how unfair Grizzly's and Scorpion Tanks are Specifically. They have wayyy too much Health for the main part. Heck, you'd expect a Volley from 3-Seven-Stared Wolverines to destroy a Scorpion Tank, but nope. It only deals it down to about 40% Health with all 3 volleying it all together. The Damage Resistance Tanks have to Explosions and Bullets alike are too high, so at least Reduce Damage Resistances to that stuff by 10%, and slight Health Reduction as well. Because their health is so massive, they literally can't be killed even by an army of Vultures and/or Hawks. I've KILLED 4 Vultures on my Canister Shell Scorpion Tank(13 Stars each) without a single one losing more than 75% Health. Heck, I took down an army of Hawks with them too. Like 20 Hawks with 3 having spartans in them at 8-9 stars each, and STILL owned them. I almost lost a tank, but still won in the end. The game need some serious rebalancing with all of these things. I'm hoping you guys add this please. Some units are useless, or underpowered, others make the game a gimme to anyone. The only players you STILL have are the ones that do the CS-Scorpion Tank Rush, or Grizzly Rush, or Hawk Rush or Scarub Rushes. Even Warthog Rushes as well.
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