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  1. i only found this out other day when my live went off and i couldnt play
  2. i love the mission its funny and you get a good amount of kills
  3. i think the DMR is a good gun but the ROF should be increased
  4. Personally i dislike the Storm rifle because it is inaccurate and the ammo goes way to fast , i would much prefer to have the plasma rifle and repeater.
  5. well I'm fed-up of it , halo 4 is set in 2558 or something like that and I'm angry that we have spaceships but where still using projectile weapons and after beating the covies you would think that we should get plasma and laser weapons because in my personal opinion i would like to have them. What do you people think ?
  6. that guys some next level halo player haha hes good
  7. thats pretty good n imaginative but having an almost unstoppable weapon would make most people mad
  8. she is the XO of the infinity so if something happended to lasky she would be in charge
  9. i hope it carries on from spartan ops because spartan ops is awesome
  10. id like a longer campaign like more than 15 missions because im feddup of halos only having 7-11 missions its really annoying
  11. it showed what the spartans looked like when the covies attacked earth
  12. i like it because it gives them a look like they arnt equipped properly
  13. i did like having to find them but it was difficult but it was also very fun spending time
  14. the flood wouldnt be on a forerunner planet simple as
  15. what are you on about ? , banana skull ??
  16. dont accuse people of bad grammar and yes the covenant are a group that split off from the main group
  17. its mentioned in game that prometheans are ancient human
  18. i agree and i personally think that he looked like commander shephard from mass effect ?
  19. i doubt he will be in 5 because lasky in now the captain of the infinity and palmer the XO
  20. i liked the way that in the cinematic start and end it told us abit of the story aswell that was quite good
  21. very good but some questions left unanswered like what happened to del rio after the campaign finished ect
  22. you should ask this in SHoutbox but yeh il help you , add me on XBL
  23. wow just wow thats like T-Rex massive body small arms
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