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  1. Yeah. I'm done. I'll be on skype.
  2. I was under the impression this was text-based. Is it not...?
  3. Well I'll be patrolling the livestream. WHOEVER HOSTS needs to read chat more!
  4. No, don't move here. Anyway... hooray, I guess? Only in my country? Woohoo... great.
  5. I really don't have the Western perspective on things. I have access to Government Internet (Not based on a single company). This whole thing seemed like it never would've affected me at all. It seemed like an American problem. But I have the feeling that isn't the case, so if anyone could tell me how this affects me in Russia, I'd be eternally grateful. Because I don't know.
  6. How is that related? You're not making any sense.
  7. Honestly. It's an opinion. Why you try to pass it off as fact, I don't know. You didn't even try to defend yourself. You're just linking websites!!!
  8. Are you kidding me? Are you stating that simply because 'the majority' of the community says they don't want sprint in the game (CITATION NEEDED) that it isn't an opinion anymore? You're wrong. While it could possibly be a highly supported opinion that many people back, it doesn't make the statement 'Sprint doesn't belong in Halo.' fact. I don't know why you think it does, but it doesn't. I know many people that like sprint, and they are Pro-Evolution for the Halo series. "Sprint doesn't belong in Halo!" is still an opinion, no matter how many people support it.
  9. Sign me up. GT: Prismmmm (That's 4 M's)
  10. Why would you assume that we immediately think this? You gave us absolutely no information before this and then you suddenly expect that we all think your community is filled with kids.
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