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Projects and a few Ideas

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Ok guys, I have had an epiphany.  I might start a book! It will most likely not be as good as what JL or Fishy make but I am gonna give it a try. First of there is a MAJOR difference. Its a Fantasy!! You know with Dragons, and spells and the such, guns will be in the book, but like muskets and conoidal bullets, those old first gun weapons, there my or may not be a few Leonardo da Vinci stuff as well, but you never heard that from me, ok? All though that kind of stuff will be in the story, it gonna mostly have swords and stuff. The type of sword well that the fun part, it isn't limited to just those pesky European broad swords, there will be the Japanese Katanas, Greek and Roman short swords and stuff.

My favorite part is that you guys will be the catalysts for this story, you'll give me character designs, looks, weapons, race, yes I said RACE. That means you could be an elf, a dwarf, and that's not the least of all the races you could choose either, there will be over a dozen races you can choose from, talk about awesome! For when the time of his will start I don't know, for when you guys start signing up I'll have to make a modified plot line. There are more things that I want to oh so badly to tell you but you'll have to wait for me to post the sign up thread!! Also after the first post of the first chapter I'll try to make it a monthly thing for posting the other chapters after that. It would be a weekly thing but, there is no way I could balance my time for xbox and talking to you guys, and every day life. But, I may or may not post them faster than that, I'll also try to make them longer than most other books you see on here. I don't know yet you'll have to wait and see




Now another thin I want to do is start an RP that would circulate around the story, like if there is a war then you can take part in that war that the characters of the main storyline take part in, you may or may not influence how the plot line evolves.



Special events would take place in the RP section mostly, these will effect the way the plot line evolves with out a doubt, some you'll fail, most you'll succeed. Here is the twist, one of the forum members will be the opposing faction within the Special event! These people will be the more experienced RPers, and those who 'impress' me while they are RPing in the side story, that once again YOU control. I'll assemble a group of three, people who have been here the longest, and has done well the better part of taking part in most RPs here, and could with out a doubt school me in this fine art.


There is just so much that would make this way fun to do, so look forward to it all. The Sign Up thread will appear sometime next week or week after that. Also keep a look out for this thread s well because, everything pertaining to what has been mentioned here will be givin updates, like more ideas and stuff. I hope you guys are psyched because I know I am!!

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Wait... is this an RP or a story?

I'm not Gemini in any way, but I think it's a mix of the two.


I'm up for this if it's gonna happen. Let's do it.

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AhhOldWoman, is correct it is both. I'll control the story which you guys will create the characters. I want you guys to have more influence on the story other than making characters, so after I get the first chapter of the story out, I'll get the RP set up for you guys to take part in, which will influence the story. Not as much as the Special Events, but it will.


You know I am gonna be honest, I know I typed more into this. There was a lot more that went into detail of the RP.

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