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  1. Halo won't break it's xbox streak. Halo1 & 2 had been released on PC/Mac in the past sure, but that was before the current generation of consoles. Microsoft won't allow any of the current gen halo's to be on any other system, as Halo is the xbox's money maker. Without Halo there wouldn't be xbox, lets just leave it at that
  2. lazarus923

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    lazarus923- some of my screenshots
  3. I am dissapointed D: Because of Halo4's mistake I wasn't a winner. I hope 343 is fixing the stat tracking and the file browser issues...
  4. I spent hours playing since release. I finished the game, no films available though. I have no idea why. It also says that I didn't complete the entire thing by myself on waypoint, even though I did. I have the achievement to prove it, and for some reason it says some of the levels werent even completed. I have the achievement and I have noticed that the stat tracking is really broken or needs some fixing. https://app.halowaypoint.com/en-us/#Halo4/lazarus923/home
  5. 20? Thats atleast a $15 value if you go with 24packs. It's a great deal, I might just take you up on it. I may not have enough to spare for Mt.Dew though, don't normally drink it.
  6. If they screw up Star Wars, I'm not going to be a very happy panda.
  7. LASO on Reach never had blind included. It would be to challenging for average players.
  8. I also forgot about Angel Beats, and Devil May Cry
  9. Halo4 got great reviews. Personally I think it should have gotten perfects (just my opinion as I love Halo), but yet again I have not experienced the game for myself yet.
  10. Thats because its not open to the public yet. Unless you are some dev. for Microsoft or 343 (even a tester). You won't be able to legally play the game online. Offline, disconnected from XBL I wouldn't find a problem with, as you play campaign. But I think that store should get sued, wherever you bought it from.
  11. I highly doubt this. The only reason Halo2 shut down was because Microsoft had no need for the original Xbox servers. They were losing money keeping the servers up then just to shut them down. Halo3 will probably die when the next xbox comes out and Microsoft shuts down the old servers- if they shut down the old servers.
  12. Are you sure they are "Aim botters" and not just good at the game? I usually go 25-30+ in an average game. Its not hard to aim for the head. In Reach I have not once went against aim botters, but I have gone against lag switchers. Halo 3 was the only Halo game I played against aim botters.
  13. Classification Signature Format PNG Size [Default: 600x200]* Style Futuristic Primary Colors black, neon green, maybe white or cyan blue for the third IMAGE [1] http://www.343industries.org/forum/gallery/image/1544-lazarus923/ IMAGE [2] http://www.bungie.net/Online/Halo3UserContentDetails.aspx?h3fileid=114704970 IMAGE [3] Something nice to fit in, you don't have to use both of the pics above, or even a third one. I just want a sig that looks nice Background Something that fits in Writing lazarus923, maybe some epic quote? Font Something (futuristic) Extras your choice, if you want to add them Location anywhere
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