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  1. It's time for the Boogie Bam Dance!

    1. Flame Haze

      Flame Haze

      Haha Thats pretty cute x3

  2. I think 1 to 10 scales are pretty stupid for the simple reason that if everything below a 5 (average) is crap, why even have all of those extra numbers to begin with? A scale of 1 to 5 works much better. I'd give Black Ops II a 4/5.
  3. I've been watching "The Atheist Experience" lately, and it's a pretty good show. Feel free to check it out on Youtube sometime, there are plenty of clips uploaded on their channel.

  4. There are not a lot of ex-Bungie employees at 343 Industries. There's maybe a handful, but the rest of them are new people, all with different experience in different fields of video game development. Some have worked on other franchises like Metroid Prime and Call of Duty for example.
  5. Bungie explained this to us. They stated that you were in a team consisting of Spartan III's apart from Jorge and that Noble Team had been issued Mark V armour. This isn't the fault of the Halo wiki.
  6. If you don't wish to see it then press X when you die. It skips the cutscene and just sends you right back into the game. That's your way to get rid of them in matchmaking. You can disable them in Custom Games.
  7. 1. You may not be knocked out of scope, but this has been replaced by flinching, which I feel has more of an impact than just getting knocked out of your scope. If you've ever been trying to snipe someone and gotten hit it throws off your aim quite terribly, forcing you to readjust your aim and compensate for every hit you take. It's not as easy as you may think. 2. Sprinting is a natural part of the game now, just like jumping. Anyone who can't accept that is simply going to have to get over it. You may not like some features and mechanics that have been added, but they're here to stay. Ordinance is similar to care packages in Call of Duty, yes. However I don't find them to be implemented badly, nor do I think that they're a game breaking feature or make the game feel less like a Halo game. I can say the same about instant spawns. If given the choice between instant spawning and a countdown timer, I'm really indifferent. I've rarely run into a problem with the instant spawn system and it rarely makes me rage or feel cheated, if ever. These features hardly make the game Call of Duty in space like some people are calling it. The physics, the feel of the weapons when you fire them, the jumping, the movement, the grenade throwing, it all feels just like I expect a Halo game to feel. It all feels very familiar, so much so that I could pick it up and go "This feels like Halo.". 3. They're implementing a ranking system that is set for release sometime next year. It won't be visible in game, but you will be able to check Halo Waypoint for it. It may not be in the game as some people wished, but at least they're still getting a ranking system and can view it in some form. It isn't difficult to visit the Halo Waypoint app or website and check it out. Think of this as a compromise of sorts for those who were in favour for a ranking system and those who either did not want ranks visible or simply didn't care. Also, I play the game to enjoy the gameplay. I feel that the gameplay comes before all else, including a ranking system. My incentive for playing are the different unlocks to customise my appearance and playstyle. It's been more than a month since release and people are still playing.
  8. I find it funny that the video says "This game has been out for over a month and you still haven't fixed this yet.". Yes it's only been out for a single month. That isn't a very large amount of time. Is it really too difficult to be patient, wait for them to take in the feedback from players, look into it, and come up with the best solution they can? You're demanding weapon re-balancing, bug and glitch fixes, etc. and you expect all of this to be fixed in only a month after release? Think about it. They've got to find out what a large portion of the fanbase are complaining about, analyse these complaints and see if they have any merit, determine whether or not there's something they can really do to either fix it or make it work better, then actually work on the patch(es) that will fix those things. Not to mention once they do that they'll need to have the patches verified by Microsoft before they're released. They're working on things. In one of the previous bulletins they announced that there is a second patch in the works after the one we just received.
  9. They were giving what the community asked for. Whether or not they were running "damage control" does not matter. What matters is that they listened to the changes the community really wanted and created a title update with those changes in mind. I don't happen to think Halo 4 is crappy, far from it actually, but that's also a moot point. Why isn't it as likely for them to fix their own game compared to a game they stepped in on? That makes absolutely no sense. How did you come to that conclusion?
  10. So because they haven't patched these two things just yet that means they never listen to the community? The game has only been out for a little over a month, give them some time. Even games like Halo 2 and Halo 3 had issues, and I can guarantee they weren't all solved in less than a month. Give them some time to collect data and take in the feedback they're receiving. They already said they're working on a second title update/patch upon release of the first, maybe it'll deal with the gameplay issues that people are really complaining about. They have listened to the community. Do you remember how people were screaming for a Title Update for Halo: Reach to fix the bloom, armour lock, etc.? When 343i was finally able to take control they released an update that did just that. The bloom was reduced to 85% which felt a lot better overall, and armour lock was altered to have its energy reduced depending on what type and amount of damage you received while in it. 343 Industries also did some other matchmaking updates and finally sorted the playlists out into three separate categories, which looks a whole lot nicer. People were dying for SWAT in Halo 4 and guess what? 343i added the SWAT playlist.
  11. Those who got them for free probably weren't supposed to get them for free. They're 800 MSP and that's the price they were meant to be. Those with the Map Pass and LE will obviously be able to download this map pack and the next two because they've pre-payed for them. Yes it stinks that some were able to get them when they shouldn't have (unless there was some sort of contest held to give a few people the maps for free), but neither 343 Industries or Microsoft have to give those who did pay any sort of compensation. Nor should they.
  12. It isn't cheating. Spartan Ops is a perfectly legitimate way of earning experience and ranking up. Your friend says that 343 Industries said it's cheating and they can't change the XP amount because they made the missions already? Who do you think set the values for how much experience you currently earn to begin with? If it's something that the developers purposefully included within the game then it isn't cheating. Things like hacks, button glitches, and other exploits are.
  13. To the OP: Then as soon as you spawn, press start and select your next loadout. Really this isn't that difficult. To Corter: Some people would like to know exactly someone killed them, and the kill-cams let them do so without having to wait for the game to end, find and load up the game in Theatre, and then find that one death they're curious about. For those that want it, it's there for them. For those who don't care for it, you can simply skip it. Yes, some gametypes don't have instant respawn, but I do believe some gametypes also disable kill-cams. I'm not sure which do as I mostly play Infinity Slayer, but I haven't noticed kill-cams in some gametypes I've played like Dominion and CTF. I could be wrong, but I don't know.
  14. If you don't want to view it every time you die, just immediately press the X button. As for the final kill-cam of a match, you're just going to have to deal with that one. It's only about a second or two long, and is it really that big a deal? I don't think waiting an extra second or two is going to cause any harm.
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