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  1. I believe theres two versions of Mk6 though...
  2. Well, found something. Its at 3:38. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjlCFxLmE3I&feature=g-all-u
  3. I got my copy of Halo 4, and i'm deciding whether to give it to charity or you, or someone else. Please post your opinions. PS: I don't have it yet, that will be on November 6th Also, this is not my only copy, this one is from MT.DEW
  4. EDIT: I cant leave you guys! As long as Spoilers keep low i'll stay. Mod; Can you lock this thread/delete it?
  5. I was 6 I believe when i first played halo CE on PC. It was modded with Pelicans and stuff, and huge lobbies, (for then) 16v16
  6. It was my favourite book in all the halo books.
  7. I got my xbox with Halo 2, i played CE on PC. Lan parties were awesome.
  8. Why does everyone think 343 is destroying everything, MOVE ON.
  9. Perhaps the remaining S2&S3's will be turned into S4's.
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