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  1. Hope you return soon Azaxx Take care
  2. Nitsua Asuka Nitsua Asuka 8 team To be honest I'm not bothered which part I'm stuck in I can do all apart from 2 team I want to try out before I'm completely in the team
  3. Oh wow thanks Tyrael for this, the rail gun looks amazing ! Can't wait to use it in game
  4. Welcome back insignia ! ( I didn't know you were gone )
  5. The easiest way to avoid ban is to not do bad things in the first place
  6. Wow he must be rolling in it now! I think the Xbox edition did so well because many people wanted to play it but never had a PC good enough to run it.
  7. I enjoyed armoured core 4, didn't like for answer as much , I played number 5 and well I won't be coming back to armoured core
  8. I think a player should be booted if he/she is inactive in game Simple as that
  9. I've got halo 3 but haven't played it with my current gamertag but count me in GT - Nitsua Asuka
  10. I agree with the OP players in objectives need to stop being rewarded for kills, the other night I was playing action sack with Zag and Donut etc and we were playing hockey and the other team just went in and tried to kill all of us. I love objective based games they are my fav but at the moment it's just slayer with a flag or a ball
  11. Biggles is right on this one, asking for someone's number doesn't always mean that they want to be with you, maybe they just want to be friends? anything big can start out from being friends. Just don't jump the gun you could have a very good friend there
  12. I'm liking Halo 4 from what I've seen They've ramped up the graphics yet again which is good, they look beautiful The character models do look good but I agree looks a tiny bit like crisis models the real gunfire sounds is a plus and will be an odd feel to the shooting I think, just wondering how the energy weapons sound in comparison to the human ballistic weapon sounds. I'm not too worried about the armour abilities to be honest or the sprint.
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