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  1. ya they should change it to kills rather than points.
  2. play the game more for fun but a new specilization would be gladly welcome.
  3. just to let you know this is a community forum so 343 wont see your complaints and also the flood dont have powerups...... and also who considers it the worst? i think it just makes it so it's harder for campers to live and makes the mode more fun in my opnion.
  4. actually 343 is a bunch of humans who went to school so nor clueless.
  5. if you got it in the mail it the codes should be in an email.
  6. nope the killcams are just messed up big time, hopefully 343 will fix that in 2013
  7. people use ther DMR cause it has good range and possibly the best primary damage wise at meduim to long range and takes more skill to kill with while AR's are easy to get kills with but only at close to meduim range, it's really a prefrence.
  8. thanks everybody for the replies ill try to come back and post on some topics once or twice a week.
  9. because it's one of halo's best big team maps and is a classic, balanced map.
  10. sad to leave but i cant go on as much now because im always so busy so thnx everbody for being nice to me and i might hop on and post something once in a while but mainly im going to leave. by everybody!
  11. actually i have great grammar i just dont edit it i just type then post and dont really care about grammar and thnx
  12. TRUTH: COD actaually stole those things from other games and also thats JUST YOUR friends which are probably like 5 people whyl theres antoher 5 million people who have diffrent opnions and probably 3/4ths of theos 5 mil want those changes like me. + its amazing how many people are flaming this thread
  13. and if you have skyrim dec. 4th also!good vid but was hoping small sized maps not BTB maps
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