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  1. What new weapon are you most exited to use? i know mine is the new and improved BR
  2. why are the elites in halo 4 hostile again what happend?
  3. Many people are posting about halo 4's new ranking system. Some good and some bad responses to this topic. But not much people get it just right. Halo 4's ranking system will not be visible to the common player. before you get sad think, what was the original point in ranking systems in the first place? To brag to every one about how good you are and how much you are going to pwn them? Well welcome to halo.. no one give a s***. the point of the ranking system is to put you in games with other people at your skill level plus you leveling up WILL unlock you new items for your spartan. Now earlier i did say it was invisible. but it will be visible for you personally to see. also its available for your friends to see your rank on halowaypoint though. The "levels" will go up to 50 starting at 1(of course) Wile many people may not be to happy about this change. you need to think to yourself. if halo never changes and doesn't try something new, it will end up to be the newest call of duty.
  4. If you have ever played the older halos it was all about fun. which is thinking of halarious ways to kill your team mates . and people think its fun to betray once and a while it also takes of stress and add a little happiness when you think about what that persons saying about you but its aggravating when it happens to you.. lol. its all about delivering what the people want... no one really ever wined about this topic till now
  5. when you get your copy of halo 4 what are you going to do first? Campaign With your buds Campaign Lone Wolf Multiplayer or the new Spartan Ops? 2 DAYS
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