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Found 3 results

  1. Hello friends! I'm back again, randomly today, to provide some insight and excitement on Pokemon Sun and Moon. The Pokémon Sun & Moon UK release date is 23 November 2016. Nintendo has confirmed the seventh generation in the series: Pokémon Sun and Moon. It will launch on 23 November as a 3DS exclusive. You can pre-order Pokémon Sun or Moon from Amazon or GAME which both have a price of £39. As for the US Release date, November 18th, 2016, is when the game will be available for $39.99. *Now something to note is that many retailers are offering deals where they are offering a duel pack for the two games for about $10-$15 less than it would be for buying each of the games individually. Personally, I pre-ordered my games on Amazon Prime for around ~$70. I am so excited for these games, and the information that has been released about these is just so rich. While at the same time, Pokemon has kept a wealthy amount of information of the new game itself hidden away from the public. Also! Don't forget to play the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo to get a special Pokemon!!! Ash-Greninja is available for transfer to your actual game when it comes out! So be sure to play the demo and get that Pokemon. I played the demo and my thoughts were: Wow, just wow. The music is amazing. By far, some of the best music that Pokemon has put into their games. While the Pokemon Center music may be classic, I have never heard a better villainous music than Team Skull's. It accurately depicts today's groups of people, and works off the stereotype of gangs. Which is maybe not the best thing in the world, but it works in the world of this game. Graphics were just awesome. 10/10. The new Pokemon are interesting. The traveling around on Pokemon we already know is interesting as well. Why not use new Pokemon for traveling? I'll have more info on the demo coming soon! What do you guys think? Are you excited for the new game? Have you played the demo? Let me know below!
  2. Bungie has been up to a lot with Destiny lately with people being able to Pre-order and receive a reserved spot in Beta gameplay. Here is a video from the site put up recently. From Bungie.net: "You might have read a little rumor last week that implied we’d be hosting a public beta for Destiny in 2014. Sometimes, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. To celebrate the official announcement, we’ve prepared a strike of multimedia showing off the Moon, the Hive, and of course, a brave trio of Guardians in action. Check it out! Official Destiny Gameplay Trailer: The Moon Defend our home. Defeat our enemies. Become Legend. If you’re ready to reserve your hands-on time, you can pre-order Destiny at participating retailers now to get access to the Beta. Codes are available while supplies last. If you want to secure a spot, visithttp://www.destinythegame.com/wheretobuy, or visit a participating retailer in person. Once you have your code in hand, come on back to http://bungie.net/betaand follow the three simple steps to complete your reservation. Any questions? Visit the FAQ!""
  3. The recent release of Destiny:_The_Moon revealed a little taste of what's to come when you land there in your travels including "Hellmouth", an area that the Hive have claimed their own. In Bungie's recent Weekly_Update get a pretty good explanation of Hellmouth by Lead Environment Artist Sam Jones along with a few fresh images. “The Hellmouth has one function only – to ask of the player what lies within.” Sam Jones, Lead Environment Artist The first step toward realizing the Hellmouth was to create a 2D concept expressing these themes. Mark Goldsworthy’s awesome concept (above) became the picture postcard for the Moon – a visual blueprint from which all subsequent lunar assets have been generated. The Hellmouth is essentially a huge slice of Hive architecture. Dorje Bellbrook’s concept (above) conveys many different visual themes for our Hive spaces – accentuated sense of scale, menace, and a hefty touch of the exotic without being too alien. The maw of the Hellmouth takes these principles and expands them to a colossal scale. The Hellmouth is a fortress cored deep into the Moon. This structure was always designed to conjure up imagery associated with a medieval castle. Darren Bacon’s concept for the Gatehouse (above) conveys many appropriate themes for the Hive: including mystery, darkness, evil, strength and militarism. We also wanted to instill visual cohesion throughout. This super heavy chain runs down deep into the dark dungeons beneath the Fortress – imprisoning the Hive’s most fearsome denizens. It’s a visual anchor point for those exploring the inner sanctum of the Hive. Plus it looks badass and fits right into the whole accentuated gothic air of the Hive aesthetic. Using Grognok, our awesome world creation software, I was able to take the next logical step and create a ‘3D concept.’ Grognok has some incredible terrain generation and manipulation tools. Creating initial geometry that describes classic lunar terrain was unbelievably easy. I can literally sculpt the living grey model geometry, replicating pitch-perfect lunar crater patterns with great speed and finesse. This awesome Hellmouth 2D concept image (above), is essentially a paintover. Darren Bacon took a screenshot of the in-game geometry and embellished it in Photoshop to take the whole affair to the next level. Finally, we see some of the final in-engine geometry, informed by Darren’s incredibly useful paintover. I personally am looking forward to visiting "Hellmouth" along with friends and take back what is rightfully ours... The moon!!! See you on it's darkside!!
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