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  1. Sorry I want able to get on but the detective is gone guys..... there goes my PIC.....
  2. The medic died didn't see that one.
  3. I know both u on here and real life and it's understandable and read this I don't mind it I've had much worse but I believe u shouldn't have to change cause some people don't like it but like I said I'm here 24-7 day or night any time I'm here for anybody so I've been through it. so I don't want u to leave or change.. but that's me ur PIC sayin it.
  4. Good luck to the both of u
  5. Congrats JZ uve earned it.
  6. Umm maybe depends on if I'm onbut I would love to
  7. Sorry my computer is broken but I'll try stay up to date
  8. Ok then let do a 1v1 i beat u or come close then it won't work i have some one in mind but idk what his answer is so.....
  9. I am looking for a personal trainer on Halo 4 any body here up for it? If not just spread the word
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