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  1. It is really annoying. They do it specifically because it does get a reaction out of you, and that's what you cant feed into. Go to their xbox live profile and report, after reporting go on their profile and block them. Once they are blocked you shouldn't get matched against them or have them on your team (at least this is what ive done and its worked). I think you getting banned, unable to play the game, losing the match/not even having a chance is worse than sitting back in a game and waiting for it to end or letting someone kill you a few times.
  2. By betraying them back or going out of your way to do it to them is no better than what they're doing, imo. There is a reason you're getting banned and they are not. This is something I've also obviously dealt with in my many years of gaming and if you don't play into it by killing them back they usually stop or just get banned themselves, but worst comes to worst they don't and you block/report them after the match. If you're going to point out something that is "ridiculous" and reason for you to sell your xbox then at least offer some kind of way for them to fix it that you'd like to see. I don't see how 343 invented the ability for someone to team kill or the fact you get banned for team killing yourself, this has been apart of Halo before 343 and multiplayer video games many years before it.
  3. I plan to also go to the Anaheim event with my girlfriend and brother. Most likely only gonna get to go for 1 day to due my work schedule, sadly. Super excited to see what they've come up with for us and really Hope's it's not a let down so they can keep this running yearly.
  4. Finally! Two games that look okay. Can't wait to try em.
  5. Watched the first few episodes and liked it.
  6. No, not at all. The system does not support skill full game play at all. I don't think you should level up without the win.
  7. Yeah, the game looks amazing. Already got my BETA code and ready when its up.
  8. I may have time if I'm not out of town. I miss halo 3 soo much.
  9. Not anymore. Used to play Halo 2 vista and CE all the time.
  10. Halo 2 dual wielding needlers > Halo 4
  11. Bye, have a good time.
  12. How about you just got play some halo 3. Everyone wins.
  13. Zoob

    Song Name Game!

    Larry and His Flask - Ebb and Flow
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