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  1. Well I'd love to get a explanation on why I cannot get onto the halo 4 servers for matchmaking and spartan ops also the fact that I can't join any of my friends in any game type for the past 2 days now. The only thing that I can think of in a situation like this is that I have been banned if that were the cause then I will be uterlly angry because since halo 4 has come out I have played all the possible game modes, I have beat the game on legendary, I have done every spartan ops, and attaind sr55 completly legitamatly without the use of boosting (which you guys should look into cause people are doing it with you guys doing nothing about) and the yesterday I leave for an HOUR to got do something important I come back and then this happens. And before anyone says anything I have tried multible atempts to fix it if it were my internet connection but none of them work, so it. Must be from. The other side.
  2. The new look for the dmr is interesting indeed
  3. If you have an endangered clan that is about to break apart, The Arbitrary knights can help, messeage me if you need us.
  4. Hello my name Yoichi Hayabusa and I would like to welcome you all to The Arbitrary Knights. TAK is a clan that focuses on teamwork and like to play together as often a possible, we also don't just focus on halo we play all types of games.We are pretty well organized and are controlled by me and Musei Kuriyami so there is plenty of well balanced power among all of us. So if you like teamwork, good teammates, and good friends come join us at The Arbitrary Knights! (For more information check out our website at www.thearbitraryknights.webs.com)
  5. "If Life gives you Lemons, don't make lemonade!, GET MAD!, make life take the lemons back!, I don't need your D*mn lemons!"
  6. http://www.bungie.net/stats/reach/default.aspx GT: Yoichi Hayabusa I'll be entering the 1V1 Tournament.
  7. I really could care less if you get people talking about your K/D, and I could care less about everything else you said, but here are some revisions on what I said. FIrst of all, I never said you were bad I just said you have terrible luck with "teammates", Second, if you lose all the time while still being MVP, you should be satified with that at least, sure losing sucks but what sucks more is not having fun, isn't that what you actually want? So stop being "stressed and depressed" over something so juvinile. Third, these two statements,"Either your not good at the game or you just have the most terrible luck...just saying," I said because when I see people complain about the stupidest things are usually not the greatest players, so, I admit I jumped to conclusions, so I apologize for that misunderstandance.
  8. I am calling on anybody to play for some Halo just for fun! I'd like to make like to have a full party cause it'd be alot more fun.
  9. I seriously don't see to many resemblems, and even at that they are two very different games so there shouldn't be any possibilities of getting sued.
  10. Ok I am sorry but I am SERIOUSLY getting annoyed about there "Oh 343 is ruining halo..." yada yada, Christ, its getting extremly old, if you don't like what they did don't ask for it, and I'd like to see you do better. Geez...
  11. I wouldn't mind seeing Sandtrap again and definatly bring back the Pit, ah, The Pit where I got my first perfection...memories...lol
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