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  1. I have connected it to LIVE, but I didn't go on to Reach or Halo CE:A. So I don't think it saved my Halo Multiplayer Character. I just downloaded some stuff from Marketplace.
  2. So yesterday, I wanted to play a game of Firefight with one of my friends. He didn't sign in before we started, and then the screen popped up for him to create a character. Then I told him to sign in and he did, but the screen was still there, we couldn't exit it, he could click anything, so I just picked Male for it to go away, and my entire character was erased. I restarted the XBOX, and still I had a ****ty new character, and non of my armor was unlocked. I don't have internet running to my XBOX, and I don't use LIVE. What can I do?
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