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    Halo, gaming, drawing, writing, procrastinating, sleeping, attaining new aquaintances, and Forum following.

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Hello Everyone I am Yoichi Hayabusa, I am a very nice person that likes to keep to himself, but don't think I'd allow you to express faulty replies without exact facts on any forum topic, you will sadly be mistaken. The reason I say that is because I am a sort of "realist" I like people's opinions but I'd like to see facts that support their opinion. Now, to a better aspect of me, I love Halo ever since I got xbox Live, am an above average player that always like to have fun and do shenanigans online. I am a part of a clan ,<name is classified>, and I have been honered to have people in it that i call my friends. My best buddy on Halo anything is my bro Musei Kuriyami, you ever see us in a team dubs, well...be prepared for a decent challenge lol ^.^ Anyway, if you guys would like to know more about me PM me and I'll be sure to answer. Thank You for your Time and see you guys around.

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