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  1. iilogic

    I'm done

    I know what you mean but I have 3 things to say; 1. I like how I am, and I've always been competitive. 2. I k now its obvious not everyone gets what they want, the reason why I'm highlighting it is because it has gone too far. It's too easy for the parties and to hard for the randoms. 3. I know complaining won't help, that's not my job, I'm criticizing in hope they do something about it.
  2. iilogic

    I'm done

    Well that's good for you Luke, but it's obviously not the same for all the players. One of the first things that happens is that at least on 1/3 or more of all the games I match against a full party, one or more guys in my team quit before the game even starts (they know what it is to play like that and that it's not fun or balanced like it is supposed to be). I have an unbelievable amount of disadvantages when I play against full parties (and most important don't have fun) and the worst part is I can't do anything about it because its not my fault in the first place. It doesn't matters how good I play to kill a guy, I can't do anything about the fact that he's going to call out my position (without even mentioning that parties always tend to stay together and use more teamwork, which is going to make it a lot easier and faster). I can't do anything about the fact that while I fight for a power weapon, even if I always win, another enemy is grabbing another PW without having to fight for it and then is gonna be 1v1 with PW's but hes going to know my position = he still has an advantage. I can't deal with my team not even knowing what they have to do to win, literally, in objective I hear them asking where they have to take the flag. It's not my fault my team doesn't have a mic. It's not my fault that instead of helping each others, my team betrays each other for weapons (when have you seen a party fighting for PW's? they don't even go to the same weapon in the first place, that of course, except for when they're fighting for control over the other team.) It's not my fault I go MVP and still lose, by a lot, not that I care so much about winning, but it tells you how bad my team was.
  3. iilogic

    I'm done

    Lolno, you didn't got it at all. It's not pointless because what 343 is doing is changing the game like people want it, as long as they're updating it, it's still not pointless. How do you think they changed the bloom thing? They started with person by person. You didn't got the part about why you guys are fanboys either. You can keep Talking about how all I do is complaining, I still have more than valid points to prove that what I said is true. Big parties always = more advantages than randoms
  4. iilogic

    I'm done

    having to say what needs to be said in order for them to understand how bad or good it is is part of criticizing, and I was probably upset when I wrote the OP. It still doesn't changes the purpose, I know what is my purpose and there's nobody better than me who can tell, and I know I didn't came here just to insult or troll 343. And btw, somebody who just goes against something without even reasoning its point just because it went against something they like or respect, is in fact, a fanboy. Just like the unnecessary battle between iphones&androids, or playstation&xbox for ex. They're both great systems but fanboys just go like, xbox is the best no matter what, PS sucks!
  5. iilogic

    I'm done

    *BTW* All you people need to get your facts straight about me if you're going to comment anything about me, also about the meaning you think some words have. For example, being competitive is not the same thing as trying hard, being competitive is about having the motivation to win or at least give a hard time to the enemy in order for them to win (Some people find fun in having a good challenge and beating them, not all people just like something easy to pass the time) Now trying hard is about taking something more seriously than its supposed to, like giving up the fun in a game which is the #1 purpose of a game, just to be excessively better than the others. *If you're putting to much effort you're trying hard, if you're just pretty successful at what you do you're either lucky or good (competitive).
  6. iilogic

    I'm done

    I lol @ people like you who automatically think someone is a try-hard if he's good at the game, like if he couldn't be good without trying hard. I was not talking about my kd in the first place, I said that to a guy who suggested maybe I was "not good at the game" (which is the same thing as bad) only to make it absolutely clear that it is not the case. And I really don't care about my w/l or kd (except for 3 very high ones), but it doesn't matters, being rushed by 2-4 guys at the same time only because they're a party with mics while my team is randomly looking at a wall is not fun. IT DOESN'T MATTERS IF YOU CARE ABOUT K/D OR NOT, I really, really doubt that someone will find fun in a match where you can't even shoot 1 single guy without instantly having 3 more guys knowing your exact location, therefore having disadvantage, therefore resulting in unfair deaths. If I could do something about it I could find fun or at least a challenge in it, but when the enemy has x3+ advantages to any advantage I have, dying multiplies as well, and dying so fast just because they have advantages (not because you didn't played well enough) is just the opposite of fun. *And I'm not coming here with the purpose of complaining or whining like you fan-boys call it, have you ever thought about the word CRITICIZE? It helps the developers to make a better game by telling them what they're doing right and/or wrong.
  7. iilogic

    I'm done

    Dude you have no idea what you're saying, I make inheritors and full parties of people with 2.0 + k/d talk about my record in a lot of my games, they're usually impressed by my 3.71 kd without my account being new. And its not about luck, I barely ever Go negative, but that doesn't means it's fun to lose all the time while being MVP in a lot of those matches. I go on average +11 every single game, and it would be better if it wasn't for the system... Now think about that the next time you suggest I'm just bad. Now about the other guy who said this is just a challenge to make you better, I don't care about being better, I just want to have fun. It is NOT worth it if it's going to cost me so much stress and depression.
  8. So I thought they will finally learn to make a balanced game, but the system they have fails just like bungie's. When the f***will they learn that putting a party of four guys with mics against four randoms is like putting an inheritor in a 1v1 against a recruit (PLEASE, HALO IS TEAM BASED GAME, and team work is one of the most essential things in it, what is so damn hard to understand about that!!?) The new super slayer playlist is the first thing I know that is 100% 343. Today I got online to realize that there was this new playlist, so I thought; ”why not give a try to what 343 is made of?” It turns out that, as always, I matched against a team of four and yet still managed to find my way to go positive with all the disadvantages but.... Still lost. ”Alright maybe it was bad luck, lets try again” *second game fails too* ”ahhhh!, lets try a couple more” *continuous fail of a match* ”( ._.) Who am I kidding, it's the same fail of a system as before” I was so disappointed to find that one of the most essential things was not fixed yet (if squad slayer has the ”big parties will only match against big parties” thing, why not?) That I decided I'm simply not going to buy Halo4... After being here since Halo CE, I'm finally singing out of the Halo franchise, 343 was my last hope and they failed in such a simple & logical task. *Note to nice members who don't understand: Don't waste your time with bs comments like: ”just don't play alone.” ● My friends have lifes, k. They're not 24/7 online, and when they are, they're not necessarily playing halo, and when they are, they're not going to be playing just with me. ●Sometimes I just like to play alone, the game is supposed to be enjoyable when you're alone too. ● the game doesn't comes with a warning that says ”warning, this game is a complete trash if you play it alone.”
  9. I think we should wait until Halo 4 comes out to talk about this topic, it all depends on how good the game is.
  10. Not fun because you can't betray? If you didn't noticed betrayals were overused since a lot time ago, and NO it's not funny to betray people (maybe for you because you're an annoying troll but not for the others). It's not even the purpose of the game
  11. I have this problem too, but don't know why it happens or how to fix it (I did the assassination on a player exiting AL more than 10 times) it's not the first time, it has already happened to me with other Reach achievements
  12. I still can't believe you said that it's a funny weapon because it hits people without aiming at them properly when there is a weapon like the assault rifle in Halo, which is mostly based exactly on that
  13. but it's not going to have much population I thought you meant something with remaking, I would have payed $200 if I had to for a remake of Halo2 ( ._.)
  14. Even though that I agree that the Dmr needs to be shortened by range, it is more fair than the Br and is obviously not overpowered. You may not notice because you have a good connection, but most of the time I couldn't shoot somebody at long range was because of lag (bullet travel time made the BR hit 1-2 shots out of 3), when I was host on H3 my BR accuracy automatically raised. And the BR couldn't deal with the AR on H3 because it was the most overpowered weapon on the game, on reach it still has a lot of power (considering how extremely easy it is to use) but not as much as H3. The Dmr has a good range, but it is sure not as good as the sniper (you exaggerated there), a sniper would still beat the s*** out of a Dmr (in good hands). And people on H3 used to run out randomly in the map because of how easy and powerful the assault rifle was to use, they knew they could be that bad and random but still get plenty kills. But when it comes to competitive players, people on H3 camped a lot more than the people on Reach, I still remember those level 50 matches on doubles... out of 5 times you saw someone, 4 of them they were crouching (good skill for a level 50).
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