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  1. Click on your name in waypoint where it says your Sr rank. Then click the campaign tab and the videos are to the far left.
  2. Way to quick? Lol, Let's not get carried away. I would like to play the remake before I become an old man. 20 years is WAY too long and H3 30 year anniversary remake sounds ridiculous. H2 needs to happen within the next couple if years or not at all. As for Halo 3.....why would we even consider remaking a game that is already on Xbox 360 and still has xbl service? We just need a Halo 2 remake for the 360 so ALL halo games can be on the same console. I absolutely loved Halo 2 so if 343 is planning on another remake I would be stoked. BUT they MUST make it as close to the original Halo 2 as possible. I will NOT purchase another BS remake where we don't get the original Multi player game play. Halo CE anniversary Multi player was a huge let down for me.... Simple, we want to be able to play Halo 2 on Xbox live again.
  3. You should decide your name, not us lol. It will come to you eventually, just give it some thought.
  4. I agree this dude is obnoxious and the video was edited after every sentence, kind of annoying. Cool news tho, thanks OP.
  5. I totally agree. I'm one if those guys that loved everything about halo 2 and I mean everything. The ranking system was legit and very competitive for me. I too still play with a handful of friends I met back in halo 2's hay day. We are hundreds of miles away from each other but me and those guys have been gaming for 6 or 7 years together, thanks to halo 2. It was just an epic game man. The only way I could get that feeling back is with a H2 remake. Maybe just maybe halo 4 will be what we are looking for, I know H4 is a bit different but I'm still looking forward to it.
  6. Halo 4 Gta 5 Black ops 2( maybe, not sold on it yet) and Hitman Absolution
  7. Hahaha, I lol'ed reading that, priceless!
  8. I totally agree man. Reach has a terrible selection of maps. There are literally only a couple good quality maps in reach and its sad. I would play the game a lot more if there were better maps to pick from. I'm so SICK of playing grey and bluish colored forge maps its not even funny. It's not just Big team either, map selection sucks as a whole when it comes to Halo Reach. Halo 2 and Halo 3 had EPIC maps and they didn't get boring like reach does. Hell, Halo CE had great maps too, Reach is just a developmental fail in so many ways. Sad indeed
  9. 343 probably thought of this ages ago is what I'm saying
  10. Very true and very sad. It wouldn't be the same without all the glitches but I would still play a H2 remake regardless.
  11. It sounds like we are talking about a COD game not halo. Please don't go overboard with customizing 343, please!
  12. I'm sorry but I can't see how that's a good change to halo? In fact, it is probably the farthest thing from what makes halo, Halo. The best thing about halo is the fairness and equality of game play. Its not halo if players are not identically equipped from the start of a game. I'm officially worried about halo 4 now, custom armor that affects game play is baffleing to me.
  13. You really think halo 4 will lose money and fans because you can't play as elites? You guys will still buy halo 4 most likely or you can just never play halo again lol. Halo is about a spartan named master chief so how can you demand to play as an elite who is barely even part of the story anymore?
  14. No, this won't happen for halo 4. I can pretty much guarantee it will release on November 6th. 343 has had plenty of time to work on h4 and it has an official release date.
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