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  1. In the final terminal for halo: anniversary spark talks about the librarian who is a forerunner and someone he quotes as "him" and also goes on how that they would prefer the flood over the rage of "him" so new enemy's
  2. Everyone has been saying the year after halo 4 comes out they would want to see a halo 2 remake i think that would be great but also i would love to see a Halo: ODST 2, they could easily continue the story and would be a great way to release DLC please post your opinion on the the sequel or what you think they should make.
  3. Hi i have been making some halo reach action videos and i haven't got many reviews on it i would like to see if some of you all could go check them out, http://www.youtube.com/user/TheRebelIion?feature=mhee thank you
  4. Halo ce had tons of fun and entertaining glitches that i always loved to find out and do, do you think that they will keep them?
  5. The said there was a reason why his armor changed and we will know soon
  6. In a recent trailer showing the pre-order bonus you can see the assault rifle at the very start of the trailer i am very happy to see that instead pf the halo reach assault rife does anyone else agree?
  7. They said there was a reason it changed and also its only artwork can change still plenty of time:) i liked his old armor much better
  8. Wouldnt make sense to put the DMR in halo 4 seeing it was only on reach.. and reach was destroyed
  9. Firefight map with flood would be nice..
  10. Imagine halo 3 flood with reach graphics in a way?
  11. Armor from the trailer tho looks the same i just dont think the armor fits his personality
  12. always thought i would be fun to have banshees vs sabers
  13. Bring back the halo 3 system of armor and ranking up i loved getting achievements for armor
  14. I never liked the brutes and would dislike being them even more i like your balancing ideas tho but i liked halo 3s game style where everyone was the same.
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