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  1. I noticed there is no SAW in the starting weapons. I guess that means its an ordinance drop or found around the map.
  2. The SAW be a good loadout weapon if they made the AR more accurate, or made the SAW less accurate.
  3. I want an MLG playlist to funnel most of those ******** into one game mode.
  4. Alright. So they are a credible threat. But to a smaller degree then what they should be.
  5. Haven and Adrift seem too close-quarters for me. Im gunna go with Longbow.
  6. Thats another thing. Vehicles are hardly a credible threat. "Oh look, a warthog, Im gunna spam plasmas at it." Grenades remove the consideration for vehicles unless they are shooting at you.
  7. I hope there worthless. I hate grenades. People just spam them when they know there going to die in hopes of getting a cheap kill.
  8. 1.Not a bad idea for Spartan Ops. 2.What is gray team? 3.Is this a Mario game? 4.Seems kind of pointless 5.? 6.They have a magical thing called energy swords. Knives would be kind of dumb. 7.? 8.What the HELL is gray team?? 9.? 10.I dont get it.
  9. There is a difference between saying "I agree with the fact elites are not in the game because they are not necessary etc." as opposed to "elites r dum lololololol" He knew what he was doing.
  10. He created this just to get a reaction out of us and laugh at it. Fools.
  11. In that case, just have some dude standing on top of the falcon with a spartan laser. Wingmen shouldnt count since they can have any weapon. In terms of them being in Halo 4, I would prefer the falcon but it dosnt chronologically make sence, so the hornet will most likely be in.
  12. It would also be like Battlezone 2, where you are there with your units commanding them.
  13. I prefer Xbox. It has better graphics and better security. The reason you pay to be on Xbox Live is for the extra security. PSN is free, but then again, they got hacked.
  14. I think it would be awesome. Halo's version of Gears of War's Beast Mode.
  15. "Same place we are" could also imply competition to see who gets to the infinity first. The promethian knocked him out as a way to either end the trailer or because the Didact needed him kidnapped for some reason.
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