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  1. they have not confimed it yet, and I know they showed the halo 4 first look trailer with a shielding system similar to 3's, but 343 listens and changes things to make the community happy
  2. I prefer to know when im going to die rather than take a random amount of damage and die. I prefer CE's and Reach's system.
  3. I've seen people combine game types under the 'insane' category... Donut, thats actually very similar. I could probably do some forging and use the gametype from above. Thanks for the info.
  4. Its pretty advanced, and I would do it, but I dont know how to. My idea is it would be very similar to speed halo, except on a flat surface, scoring every time you reach the teleporter at the end that sends you back to the beginning. Zombies would spawn on an overhang on the sides where they cannot get downt to the humans with four frag grenades and limited ammo on a concussion rifle. Their goal is to knock the humans off of their mongeese (and yes, that is an acceptable form of the plural) and kill them before they reach the teleporter at the end and score. An armoring device like this (http://halo.xbox.com...e-Tutorial.aspx) could be set up to protect one or both people that ride on a mongoose. The humans would have assualt rifles with bottomless clip, or needlers with unlimited ammo. This way, if two of the humans share a mongoose, the spartan on back could shoot zombies for bonus points (Each pass through the teleporter would score 5 points, and kills on zombies would earn 1 point. If a zombie were to kill a human, it would be worth from 3 to 5 points, depending how easy it is.). Obstacles could and probably should be placed along the track to possibly cause mongoose rollovers and de-armorization. If possible, the last man standing should be teleported back to the beginning and given a stronger vehicle such as a warthog or revenant. He should also have significant overshields. If a player was to flip and eject from a vehicle, a teleporter should be put in place to transport them back to the beginning or into a kill ball or other place to kill them, therefore making them a zombie. I know its complicated. It just came to me as a thought. If someone (anyone really) were to complete it, please include my gamertag (which is also my username) in the description. Happy Forging, Blakbox21
  5. Its been a while.... Im missing my reach...

    1. Lᴜᴋᴇ


      Get longer arms.

    2. Archangel Tyrael

      Archangel Tyrael

      I know how you feel.

    3. FIREN4


      What Luke said :P lol

  6. During an interview with Frank O'Connor during the most recent halo 4 reveal, he said the covenant would be returning, but "completely overhauled". I'd like to see the ghost return
  7. a health bar, not the halo 3 crap. i want to be able to go in to theater and know how close i was to killing someone
  8. it would be helpful in multiplayer, say, if you accidentally damage a teammate and you want to apologize without a mic
  9. Come on 343, I want to here some info on halo 4!

  10. there should be seperate spree medals for assassinations and beat downs beat downs could be the ones suggested above by SixWaysToSunday assassinations could be "knifing spree", then "ninja blade" and then maybe "lord of the sword" just some ideas...........
  11. What is your favorite vehicle in Halo: Reach? Mine's the falcon.
  12. the damage bleed bothers me the most..... no more grenade jumping :thumbdown:
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