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    • Days of Thunder, the 1990 Tom Cruise film, received a spin-off game on NES back in 1990--but a different game based on the movie that was in development was scrapped, and never saw the light of day. Now, 30 years later, this alternate version of Days of Thunder has been reconstructed into a playable title by video game historians. Chris Oberth was working as a programmer at Mindscape in 1990, and thanks to The Video Game History Foundation a never-before-seen game by him has been reborn. Oberth passed away in 2012, and the VGHF was later approached by a friend of Oberth's family asking if its members could "make sense" of some of the materials Oberth left behind. In early 2020, the foundation was granted access to Oberth's materials, in which they discovered a disc labelled "NINTENDO HOT ROD TAXI FINAL". Oberth was known to have worked on an unreleased Days of Thunder game, thanks to a three-part interview with The Retrogaming Times, and after some investigation and sorting through materials the team found close to 40 floppy disks, containing multiple encrypted and split files that would need to be reconstructed to get the game properly running. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • Borderlands developer Gearbox Software has joined the chorus in supporting Black Lives Matter and pushing back some of its scheduled plans for Borderlands 3 in solidarity with the movement. In a statement on Twitter, the developer said it's delaying the release of the Takedown at the Guardian Breach update. Additionally, the studio is muting its Twitter channel--with the exception of this announcement--out of respect for "what's going on in the world right now." 2K Games, which publishes the Borderlands series, said it's adding another $1 million USD to the 2K Foundations Program and expanding its scope to include fighting racial injustice and inequalities in black communities around the world. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • Path of Exile's latest expansion, Harvest, has been announced. It will be available to PC players from June 19, and Xbox and PlayStation players from June 24. This expansion will introduce a new challenge league, feature extensive balance changes to the existing game, and also visual improvements on top of other additions. Harvest will revolve around an area called the Sacred Grove, which will provide players with both rare items and formidable foes to face down. Exploring new areas will grant you with items called Seed Caches, and their contents will have to be planted by players within the Sacred Grove. Planting rare seeds will grant you with rarer monsters to fight or harvest, and each will have specific rewards. Players will be able to use the Grove to their advantage to customize their builds and to obtain beneficial items that suit their individual needs. This June expansion for Path of Exile will also introduce changes to the current crafting system. The Sacred Grove will allow players to have more control over directed crafting in the game by allowing you powerful crafting options upon defeating any monster in the area. Players will also have to tend to the Grove in order for it to dispense rewards to its fullest potential; think building pipes, systems, and other things to keep your harvest healthy. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick is one of the highest-paid executives not only in video games, but across the entire entertainment media industry. He made more than $30 million in 2019. One of the company's shareholders, The CtW Investment Group, is now calling on other stakeholders to vote against a measure that gives the company freedom to pay Kotick high rates. In a filing with the United States government, The CtW Investment Groups' director Dieter Waizenegger called on other stakeholders to vote against the "Say-On-Pay" proposal during Activision Blizzard's upcoming annual meeting scheduled for June 11, 2020. "Despite repeated low approval votes from shareholders, Activision Blizzard maintains multiple, overlapping opportunities for its CEO to earn outsize equity awards, even when performance-related vesting thresholds have not been met," the note says. "Despite failing to disclose pertinent information on performance targets for its Short Term Incentive Plan, Activision Blizzard's proxy statement reveals significant human capital management challenges." Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • Wasteland 3's third dev diary is here, and it's focused in on the consequences of player choice. The video below delves into how player choices will impact the world of Wasteland 3, and what kind of role-playing is possible. InXile Entertainment studio head Brian Fargo says that reactivity is "the hallmark of a great roleplaying game," and that a lot of work has been put into making sure that the reactions of the word are "telegraphed"--so you know that events that play out are a direct result of your actions, minor and major. An example is shown of a scene where you can steal a gun from a poor couple--the gun is going unused, as it has sentimental value to them, but it could be very useful to the player. As Fargo points out, "most players won't do it"--but the option is there, if you don't mind being evil in-game. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • Infinity Ward is increasing their efforts to ban racist names from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone, the developer announced in a recent tweet. The post says that they already ban users with racist or hate-orientated names from the game but additional counter-measures are being put in place to make sure names don't slip through the cracks. "There is no place for racist content in our game. This is an effort we began with launch and we need to do a better job. We're issuing thousands of daily bans of racist and hate-orientated names. But we know we have to do more - and we are," Infinity Ward said in the statement. The tweet goes on to say that they will be adding additional resources to monitor and ID racist content and additional in-game reporting systems to increase the number of bans per hour. They will also be adding filters and greater restrictions on name changes in addition to increasing permanent bans to root out repeat offenders. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • Battlefield V's last big content update--the Summer Update--is coming soon, and now developer DICE has shared more details about it. First and foremost, DICE said it will not publish promotional materials or trailers for the new update like it's done in the past so as to not distract from the more important issues in the world today following the murder of George Floyd. "We're otherwise encouraging that we all take notice of what's happening in the United States, as well as other places around the world, and ask how we can all do more, as we must do more," DICE said in a blog post. "Racism should not exist in our society. We stand with all of our African-American / Black colleagues and partners, families and friends, and everyone around the world who is ready to see it end." DICE is owned by Electronic Arts, which has pledged more than $1 million to organizations including the Equal Justice Initiative and the NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund, along with others to be announced. EA will also double-match employee donations. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • Respawn has continued to make bold storytelling decisions when it comes to Apex Legends and that trend has continued in Season 5: Fortune's Favor as the battle royale game moves towards a true episodic experience. Apparently Season 5 is already hinting at upcoming content with the map changes made to Kings Canyon, like the addition of mysterious hatches that seemingly lead to bunker-looking areas that can't yet be accessed. "The hatches are a fun way to sprinkle changes throughout the map," Apex Legends design director Jason McCord said, according to VG247. "We don't have to make massive changes everywhere, we can sprinkle these things around. We're doing something kind of new, where we have some stuff that is there, but is not unlocked yet. And we're going to unlock it at a certain time, that lines up with some other stuff that we have coming." Some of this content could have already been teased in Season 5. McCord said he thinks there are still Easter eggs and secrets tied to the new content in Season 5 that fans haven't yet discovered, which may or may not be hinting towards Season 5's "pleasant surprise" for Titanfall fans. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • Bohemia Interactive, famous for being behind DayZ, has not in fact been bought out by Tencent. It was reported earlier in the week that Tencent had invested a whopping $260 million in the studio, but this has since been refuted by the Chinese company. The Information published an article earlier this week which stated that Tencent had acquired "between 70% and 80%" in Bohemia Interactive as part of the tech giant's expansion into the European market. However, this figure, as well as Tencent's involvement with the Czech company at all, has since been refuted in a press release by Tencent. The last big investment made by Tencent in the region was in Sumo Group, a large British developer with a hand in titles like Forza Horizon 4, Team Sonic Racing, and more. Acquiring Bohemia Interactive would have added the Czech company to a growing portfolio of gaming investments where Tencent has controlling interests; the company would join the likes of Riot Games, Path of Exile's Grinding Gear Games, and Supercell. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • Sony is having a busy 2020. After showing off the tech specs of the PS5, as well as the PS5 controller this year, it's expected to show off what the console actually looks like and what its launch lineup might be sometime soon. The PS4 isn't going anywhere, either, and will have some of the biggest games of the year, like The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima, which will launch on June 19 and July 17, respectively. It's the console's last big year in the spotlight, but that also means we'll get some fantastic deals on all things PS4 in 2020, including games, accessories, and both the Slim and Pro versions of the console. In fact, we've rounded up some cool deals you can take advantage of right now. Although we're seeing a lot of game deals, hardware has been hard to find, and we're mostly seeing the PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro, and PSVR going for the standard prices. If you already have a console, however, it's a great time to sink some time into PS4 exclusives like God of War, Marvel's Spider-Man, and Horizon Zero Dawn, which are all available for cheap. And of course, you don't want to miss out on some of the highly anticipated PS4 games releasing later this year. May 2020's PS Plus Games In May, there are excellent discounts on tons of games, as well as DualShock 4 controllers and even a big discount on the PlayStation Classic. Check out the best PS4 and other PlayStation deals available so far in May below. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
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