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[GameSpot] - Destiny 2's Most Prolific Super Might Finally Be Getting Nerfed


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Every Super in Destiny 2 has a unique form and function, but when it comes to Warlocks, the Well of Radiance is an essential ultimate ability that has overshadowed some of the other powers wielded by the space wizard. Talk of a Well of Radiance nerf has long been a hot topic in Destiny 2, and when The Final Shape expansion launches next year, that ability might finally get toned down so that other Supers--including the new Solar option--can be viable choices.

Speaking to PC Gamer, game director Joe Blackburn spoke about how Solar Warlocks will need to choose between running the healing and empowering Well of Radiance or choosing Song of Flame, a new Super that overcharges their abilities while buffing allies with Scorch for their Solar weapons.

"I'm confident right now that the new Solar Super is very good," Blackburn said. "I'm not confident that without Well of Radiance changes it doesn't just become that you need two Warlocks and one of them is going to run Well and the other is going to run this Super. We've had to do this before with things like Divinity and auto-reloading. At some point, you're like 'Hey, this Super provides utility that a lot of people like, but we are handcuffing a bunch of our players too. So what's the version of this where we can say 'Okay, the time for everyone feeling like they have to run this is over'? We know that we have to make some changes before The Final Shape raid."

Blackburn's comment references Divinity, an Exotic trace rifle that weakens enemies but, more importantly, provides a large sphere for teammates to target to guarantee a precision hit. A polarizing weapon, some players called it a crutch that was too dominant in PvE activities as some fireteams insisted on several players having the weapon unlocked and equipped so that bosses could be made short work of. Bungie eventually decreased the debuff effect of Divinity in Season 19. Well of Radiance finds itself in a similar situation, as while there are several other Warlock Supers that are powerful to use, this Solar ability is simply too good to not have in a fireteam during high-level activities.

Well of Radiance has received several tweaks over the years, but for the most part, its core identity as a safe zone that Guardians can rush to when dealing with big threats has remained unchanged. In raids, it's not uncommon for a fireteam to have two Dawnblade Warlocks equipped with this Super and wearing an Exotic like Phoenix Protocol, allowing for a team to frequently rotate Warlocks in to cast the powerful ability.

The Final Shape launches in February 2024, and usually, Bungie applies sweeping changes to Destiny 2 on the eve of a new expansion. When Lightfall arrived, Well of Radiance was left untouched while Stormtrance, Daybreak, Nova Warp, and Chaos Reach were fine-tuned alongside several other subclass Supers.

Hunters and Titans will also receive new Supers in The Final Shape, with each one tying further into the core identity of these subclasses. Titans will have Twilight Arsenal, a ranged one-off Void Super in which the burly Guardians throw three consecutive huge Void axes to disintegrate enemies on hit. These axes can then be picked up and wielded by fireteam members, and even if they aren't used, the axes will start pulling enemies towards them to keep damaging them.

Hunters get a new Arc Super called Storm's Edge that allows them summon an electrified dagger that teleports them on impact and allows them to perform a powerful whirling strike for massive damage. Basically, they become Naruto's dad.

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