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[GameSpot] - Overwatch 2's Valentine's Day Event, Loverwatch Dating Sim Are Now Live


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Overwatch 2 is going all-in on Valentine's this year, with a new game mode, a Cupid Hanzo skin, new challenges, and a standalone dating sim called Loverwatch, where players will be able to romance Mercy or Genji.

The new V-Day game mode is called Love of Geometry, and will pit two teams of four against each other, with every player as Hanzo in his Cupid skin. As if that wasn't chaotic enough, the Love of Geometry event will temporarily replace Hanzo's Storm Arrow with Scatter Arrow, a special arrow that can split and bounce off walls to deal widespread damage. The controversial ability was patched out of Hanzo's kit back in 2018, deemed too frustrating to players who found themselves in Scatter Arrow's erratic firing line. Blizzard has also teased a surprise for players who use Hanzo's Dragonstrike in Love of Geometry.

Loverwatch, Blizzard's official-but-not-canon dating sim is also live for a limited time to celebrate Valentine's day. The standalone browser game is surprisingly good, letting players romance either Mercy or Genji, with options to unlock rewards in the main game as well. Loverwatch even hints that Blizzard may have plans for a more in-depth Overwatch dating sim some time in the future.

Cupid Hanzo, who appears in both Loverwatch and Love of Geometry, is also available to purchase as a cosmetic bundle, which comes with the skin and highlight intro, as well as a charm, souvenir, and namecard.

The Valentine's event is time-limited, and will run until February 28--this includes the Loverwatch dating sim, so be sure to play through both scenarios now, while you still can.

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