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[GameSpot] - Respawn Hints At Loba Swimsuit Skin, Thirsty Apex Fans Rejoice


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Apex Legends players who have been hoping to see Loba in a swimsuit may soon have their prayers answered, as the official Apex Legends Twitter account tweeted what appears to be a hint at the skin's impending arrival earlier today. Respawn asked fans of the game to like the tweet, promising players would soon be able to get their hands on "the swimsuit skin."

According to a subsequent tweet which appeared to confirm the skin's existence, the original tweet garnered the requested 10,000 likes in under 10 minutes.

"See you tomorrow," the final sentence of the second tweet reads, suggesting news about this new pool party-themed cosmetic set is on the horizon.

The recent Imperial Guard Collection Event only just came to an end earlier this week, but players are already speculating what the contents of the next in-game event could be. Many players have long hoped for a collection of beachy cosmetics, and the excitement has risen considerably after dataminers uncovered some unreleased "swimsuit skins." for various legends. Among the cosmetics--which are allegedly earmarked for an upcoming event called the Sun Squad Collection Event--are some beach-themed skins for Loba and Mirage, but a full-color version of the Loba skin was not among the datamined files, forcing fans to use their imaginations to fill in the visual blanks (though what appear to be some well-photoshopped mockups have garnered lots of attention online).

Similar to Loba, legends like Crypto, Fuse, and Mirage are no strangers to baring skin.

Known for her flair for fashion, love of the finer things, and ability to steal everything that isn't bolted to the ground, Loba uses flirtation to distract targets long enough to steal their goods. Between the bisexual thief's seductive personality and form-fitting outfit of choice, Loba was an instant hit with players of all genders, and calls for a swimwear-themed skin have only grown louder in recent weeks. But not everyone's celebrating--some players think it would be even better to release the collection without a skin for Loba, with the goal of irritating "thirsty" Loba fans.

Obviously, Respawn's vague tweet about the skin doesn't specify exactly which legend is being referenced--Loba is far from the only legend with a vocally amorous fanbase--but given the amount of hype surrounding it, it's likely the skin in question is indeed for Loba. Then again, Respawn could also simply be gearing up for a legendary April Fool's Day prank. Only time will tell, but with the Sun Squad Collection Event rumored to begin Tuesday, March 28, players won't have to wait long to feast their eyes upon the new skins.

Apex Legends is free to play on console and PC. A mobile version of the game, Apex Legends Mobile, is available to play on Android and iOS devices, but will be sunset on May 1.

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