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[GameSpot] - Overwatch 2's Official Valentine's Day Dating Sim Will Finally Allow You To Romance Mercy


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While "spicy" Overwatch content has since the first game's release back in 2016, Blizzard is finally making things official. Starting on February 13, Overwatch fans can visit www.Loverwatch.gg to play the series' first dating sim mini-game, Loverwatch.

Revealed in the Overwatch 2 Season 3 blog post, Loverwatch is a text-based dating sim that allows players to romantically pursue two of Overwatch's most elite (and dreamy) agents: Mercy and Genji. Players will accomplish this feat by selecting from a series of dialogue options, with certain choices leading down the path of romantic bliss while others might leave you in dire need of some emotional healing. If this task sounds a bit daunting, rest assured that your very own Hanzo--erm, I mean Cupid--will be around to help aid you through the wooing process.

The blog post was quick to point out this mini-game is not canon, so don't expect to see your OC (original character, for those who've yet to brave the world of fan-fiction) and Mercy holding hands on a Control point later on down the road. However, this doesn't mean the experience won't have some impact on the main game.

Players who manage to unlock Loverwatch's secret ending will be rewarded with a themed Play-of-the-Game highlight for Overwatch 2. You can earn additional Valentine's Day themed cosmetics, including two Epic skins, by playing Overwatch 2's Hanzo 4v4 Limited-Time Mode and completing Support-themed challenges.

Loverwatch launches on February 13 and will be available to play until February 28. According to Blizzard, fans should expect the experience to last around 30 minutes, and will be able to play through it in English, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, German, and French.

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