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#1 Masterkiller150



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Posted 24 July 2014 - 11:14 PM

Please, with all of my heart and nostalgia. I am begging for a way to join user-created Custom Game lobbies in Halo: TMCC and Halo 5.
A list of open and available lobbies for user-created game types would be at the top of my list of wishes.
Please 343i, say it will be so! I want to join private super bouncing lobbies, hide n seek, cat n mouse, Trash Compactor & other creative user-created game types! I don't want matchmaking to be the only way to join a public game. And trying to find friends/friends of friends to invite to a private custom game is a huge pain when all it takes is a custom game 'server list' of available user created lobbies.
There are so many fun game variants created by users! Please give us a way to host custom games and have them available to the public for people to join. 
It would be an identical feeling of a big LAN party... Well, one with voice chat only xD
- Lou
This is what someone said in the Halo Waypoint forums. I couldn't have said it better so I copied and pasted it. Here's the original forum post: https://forums.halow...lobby-list.aspx

#2 Coldfreeze


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Posted 25 July 2014 - 06:29 AM

I wonder how they could implement that without ruining the "MLG" (hate that term sooo much) feel they want.


I can see it happening in TMCC, but not in Halo 5.

"Spartans never die." - Catherine Halsey





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#3 Guest_Justin ellie

Guest_Justin ellie
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Posted 20 December 2014 - 12:48 PM

Adding halo reach multiplayer

Since 343i released news that they would release "halo 3 odst" for free for the mcc multiplayer woes. I couldnt help but wish they added my and many others favorite halo "halo Reach" to the collection. I would be willing to spend $25 and upward for this edition.

If 343i decided to do this they would have successfully gave halo a permanent home on xbox one and breath new life into all halos.

#4 Jazzii Man

Jazzii Man


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Posted 29 December 2014 - 10:04 AM

I think this would be a great innovation for Halo that everyone could agree on.

The way I see it working is that the most popular community creations (maps, gametypes) are put into a playlist called "community creations!", or something along those lines. And every week or two, the least popular is taken out and a new one is put in. It would give the Forgers something to aspire to: to have their creations played by the entire Halo 5 community. 
I'm not sure what system would need to be put in place so that people's creations and viewed and voted for before they make it into the playlist, but if they could find a way to do it, it would be great.

There are tonnes of great gametypes and maps that fans have made and loved over the years, and to see them appreciated in matchmaking would be incredible.

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