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Gamertag: FatAussieFatB0y
(The 0 is a number and not a letter)

Map Name: Tower Defense
Gamemode: Tower Defense (Infection)

Description of the Map:

Protect your Castle from those Dirty Blues... (Infected Players)

​Grab some Weapons and defend that Castle Entrance. If you fail to protect the Entrance and 3 Blues breach the castle then one Red (Random) will be killed and turned into a Blue.


Once all Red players are killed or the Reds protect the Castle for 10 Minutes the Round Ends.

Pictures of the Map:



Reds can travel across the map using Buildings and other Platforms

(Blues must use the Footpaths as they cannot Jump)

(Recommended that you stay on off the ground as a Red as Blues can easily overrun a Grounded Red)



Blues are given Plasma Grenades which they can use to Kill Reds sitting on top of Buildings and other Platforms

(Alpha Zombies get 2x Plasma Grenades where Minions get 1x Plasma Grenades)



REQ Store, used to purchase Powerful Weapons and Power Ups for the Reds

(Player Score is used a Currency, Players earn 1 score every 30 Seconds and 1 score every Kill)



The Castle Entrance that the Blues have to reach before dying

(Right Side of Image is the Castle Entrance)




The Life Counter which shows how many more times a Blue needs to breach the Castle before a Red is Turned


A Couple of Cinematic Images -




And that’s about it.
Hope you all Enjoy!


PS: Recommended that everyone playing is in a Party Chat so players can communicate and strategize.

<3 FatAussieFatBoy


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