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Core modes version of my Infection map :)
A Competitive Slayer Map
Supports: FFA, CTF, SH & A

This is an old town on a beach, I tried to make it seem like a real medieval place but with aspects that spartans can use for combat.
It is set up to play any core game mode, I think that Capture the Flag really shines here.
I had a lot of fun building it. Download to walk around the map!








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I was wondering how this would play as a 4v4! I'll give this a go too and give feedback.

Thank you, I appreciate your feedback. I am new to such fast-paced-FPS map making XD I have to learn the hard way, tutorials are helping, but they don't tell you much about the psychology of map design much. (as I've seen) I try to test my maps as much as I can to figure out the best layout.


Thanks again haha

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