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EK's Top Ten Best Games of 2014!

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Hello everyone, welcome to my Top Ten Best Games of 2014, it’s that time of the year again. While this year was (for a lot of generic people) a disappointing year, I personally saw it as a… disappointing year. Yeah, not a lot of great gems this year, but with all the delays hopefully 2015 will be a bit better. However, there were still some beautiful games this year, so let’s talk about them!


Number 10!





Alright, I had to think hard about putting this game on the list, but the more I thought about it the more I realized the effort put into it and the actually quite decent result. The game introduced some great mechanics and even has some great ideas for the future of open world action games, even if it executes most of these at barely a passable level. Even with a bland protagonist, the side characters manage to hold the game up and great shooter elements, the game makes it barely unto the list. I hope Ubisoft takes time and puts effort into Watch_Dogs’s sequel.



Number 9!

Sunset Overdrive




Now, don’t get me wrong, this game has a few faults in some areas, noticeable faults at that, but that doesn’t make the whole game bad. Sunset Overdrive is filled to the brim with extremely funny humour, some amazingly pretty visuals, and an overall good story. The character customization is admirably varied and fun to pick and choose with, but overall, it’s the nonsensical comedy that makes Sunset Overdrive my #9, it’s definitely worth a look.



Number 8!

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel




I was a huge fan of Borderlands 2 and I must admit, I was skeptical of The Pre-Sequel because of its extremely similar nature to its predecessor, but I can safely say the game takes what was great about Borderlands 2 and does it again. Even if it seems a bit too similar at times, the game captures a fantastic story that is extremely riveting at times, and great gameplay that perfects an already great formula. The Pre-Sequel was worth every penny and I cannot wait to see the colourful expansions.


Number 7!

Alien Isolation




Last year was thought to be a crushing blow to the Alien franchise in video games as the horrible disappointment that was Aliens: Colonial Marines released in a buggy, de-saturated, and cardboard cut-out condition compared to what was shown. However, Alien Isolation, done by Creative Assembly, has done some great repair work and makes a beautiful first bound into the Horror genre for the Alien games. The environment is gripping and brutal, the characters are intriguing and well voiced and animated, and the AI plays intelligently, making you feel tense but at the same time not overwhelmed. If only for a slightly better save system, and a few narrative issues, I would have put it higher. However, Alien Isolation 2 better come soon, because I am watering at the mouth for it!


Number 6!

Far Cry 4




I was a bit confused and disappointed when I got my first glimpse at this game, due to its overwhelmingly similar style to Far Cry 3. I was worried it would be just a simple copy/paste with a bland Vass clone, boy, was I wrong. Far Cry 4 has a gripping political power struggle story, some great characters, despite Ajay being a bore at times, and a beautiful open world with plenty to do in it. I could get lost in Far Cry 4’s world, and I could get lost talking about it to you. I’ll let the game speak for itself, go buy it, for the price, it’s worth it, despite still seeming a bit too much like Far Cry 3. If Ubisoft did one thing well this year, this is it.


Number 5!

Wolfenstein: The New Order




I had never played a game in this legendary franchise, and after playing this marvel of a title, I want to immediately go back and experience all of it. The New Order manages to reboot and advance the story in a lot of good ways with an emotional (and at times frightening) main story, intriguing and satisfying characters, especially BJ, and fun areas to battle in, as well as varied and smart enemies. Too smart at times? Yeah, quite a bit, as the game’s enemies will at times overwhelm you with sheer force and accuracy, you will die. But all that adds to the game in many ways. The New Order is worth the price, I picked it up for $40, you can probably get it for the same or cheaper, go do it now, I implore you.


Number 4!

Dragon Age: Inquisition




I expected to put this fantastic game a bit higher, especially since it won Game of the Year for many (and rightfully so), but there were just three others that I held above it. Dragon Age: Inquisition is a beauty to look at and a marvel to experience. Interesting dialogue, unique characters, interactive and varying story, customization that is filled to the brim with options, and a new RTS style overhead view that you can switch to which I now want to see in every RPG ever, because it’s so good. Dragon Age: Inquisition pulls the franchise back from its weak stance and sends out a roaring slash, putting Dragon Age back at the top, for now.


Number 3!





Wait, put down your torches and pitchforks yelling at me that this is one of the most disappointing games of the year… Hear me out. I hadn’t succumbed to the hype of this game and picked it up for $20 when most issues were fixed, so maybe it is disappointing to you. I’m in the same boat as NerdCubed though, this game is so much fun to run around in and does everything a shooter should do with more. It’s a marvel to look at in some areas, and plays like Respawn is a fine craftsman of the arts of game controls. The maps are done extremely well, and there’s a lot more that makes this game so worth it for me. I won’t argue if you disagree that it should be this high, but my opinion is go buy it now. Now. NOW.



Number 2!

Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2




Wait a second here, now look, I know that this isn’t a full game, and arguments can be made that this technically belongs to 2013, and I won’t disagree with you there, you’re right. But this game shook me to my core by its end. Irrational Games recreated Rapture with impeccable detail, ended this story with such a writing finesse I myself am jealous, and to top it all off, gave us all this at a good price. Burial at Sea as a whole was a great expansion unto an already good game, but Episode 2 sends this straight to this spot rather than #7 or #6. If you don’t own this, go buy it now, along with Bioshock Infinite. Expect to cry, a lot.


Number 1!

The Wolf Among Us




Ah yes, Telltale has hit high in my top ten again, first in 2012 with the stunning Walking Dead adaptation, and now at #1 with this gem. The Wolf Among Us has an intriguing plot you follow through with suspicious and enthralled eyes until the mind-shattering finale. The game is littered with tough choices, great characters, and unsettling environments, as well as jolting twists and turns. To find a fault in this is hard, even if there are slight nit-picks here and there. I wanted to swap #2 out with this game, and make Burial at Sea my #1, but with all TWAU gave me, and more, I couldn’t manage to do it. The Wolf Among Us earns my legendary title, GOTY.


That above was my list, some honorable mentions that didn't quite cut the list but are still great include Forza Horizon 2, Assassin's Creed Rogue, Infamous: Second Son, and basically anything on a Wii U because the Wii U's entire library is fantastic and I do not own it yet which makes me angry. So what's your list? What made you feel the most happy about purchasing a console this year? Let me know down below, I'd love to hear, I'll see ya'll next time for the worst of the year!

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I never got around to playing The Wolf Among Us. I've heard only good things about it, though. 


I was a bit disappointed to see that Shadow of Mordor wasn't there at first, but after you explained that you haven't played it yet, i forgave you. ;) 



Great article as always Edward. I would recommend picking it up and trying it out.

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I was disappointed to not find destiny on the list, though with the mixed reviews everywhere, its hard to place it on a top ten list.


Great article EK!

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TitanFall at #3? Awesome ^_^


I can't really agree with telltale games since in terms of content, they lack that of a full retail game, but it's your list.

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I am surprised that Burial at Sea Episode 2 made it on there, but it is well deserved. Bioshock is one of my favorite series of all time. As for the rest, well I cant say I have played them (too poor) but if you enjoyed them then all the more power to you.

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No Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor? Shame, I thought it was a pretty good game. :/


Still great list, I agree with most of it. Personally didn't really enjoy The Pre-Sequel as much to Borderlands 2. Those buttstomps are crazy.. Oh, and not really into the whole 'space combat' Borderlands is the type of game (In my opinion) that doesn't need fantasy space features.

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