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Found 2 results

  1. Hello there, thanks a lot for clicking this thread, I'm Hayley Kenway, or Edward Kenway, or Omega, really, I'm known by a lot of different aliases, so just call me Ed. I'd like to begin by stating my sincerest gratitude to all of you for carrying me to where I am today, as a member of the News Group on a wonderful site full of wonderful people (not as wonderful as me though). So, do you really need the life story again? I'll give you the TL;DR version, I suppose. I'm Vincent, been here for 3 years, not all of it perfect but most of it unforgettable. At the moment, I'm 13, going on 14 in a few days (July 6th to be exact). I recently graduated my catholic schooling institute, and am going to a public high school, with the hopes of transferring next year to a school more aligned with my interests. And yes, I am an atheist. I'm the youngest staff member at the moment, and am the youngest person to receive Legendary, to my knowledge. I'm a fan of a wealth of gaming franchises, and if I listed them all here, you'd be sitting here til' my fourth anniversary. I currently own an Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, and Gaming PC, with the plans to purchase some sort of Nintendo product soon. As can be seen, I'm what you would call a 'Pokemon gamer', I like to catch and collect 'em all. Recently I've begun to take interest in films and I'm a huge fan of the Planet of the Apes movies, especially Dawn and Rise. I'm also a big fan of comic book movies, specifically Batman and Spider-Man. I'm also interested in books quite a bit, the full nerd package, and I love Eleanor & Park, but by next year, I'm sure I'll have found some new book to obsess over. I'll keep this short, but most of you know my origins. I started out as SpartanKIL, became Omega, went through some troubles, and like a phoenix, Edward Kenway rose from the ashes and became as good a positive influence as he could. However, during my time in News Group, I made the decision to leave, becoming Legendary for a month (lol) which I get teased about pretty often. THEN I CAME BACK. I grovelled on my knees in front of Director, and he saw pity on me and gave me my job back. I still need a raise though. Family life, you ask? Well, I have parents, as does everyone, and two sisters, whom I don't interact with much. Alongside these people, I live with my grandfather, who recently came out of the hospital, so that's good, it's nice to see him these days. You may remember I mentioned living with an aunt and uncle whom I rarely saw, well err... Not exactly anymore. Last September, just a few days before the launch of Destiny, which I eagerly awaited, my Uncle passed away. Just a few weeks ago, my Aunt had also left to go pursue new ventures in life, putting it nicely. I miss him a lot, he was really the driving passion for my nerdy interests, so losing him felt a lot like losing a part of me. But, on the positive side of things, my dad left the hospital, and he's doing okay, so... There's that. Now, this may seem a bit sappy, but I want to take a moment to acknowledge my best of friends on here. These are some truly amazing people who have shined quite a bright light in my life that won't go away. Be aware, these are just the best of the best, so fret not if you aren't on here. I love everyone, as I've said, but I have to take a minute to acknowledge those I feel have gone out of their way for me. Yoshi1176 - Hey man, you're a really great friend toward me, and I wanted to acknowledge you first for it. There have been friends, many of them, despite your disbelief. But you have stood out quite a bit as that one dude who really has fun being around me. And in the end, that's my only goal, to make sure everyone around me has a bit of fun. If I can't light up people's lives, then I'm wasting my own. Yang Xiao Long - Yaaaaang, my British friend that I tell everyone I know about to seem cooler. Destiny has been a huge part of my daily routine and you've been there for a lot of my progression through the game. You were there when I got my G-Horn, you were there when I first dared to fight Crota, and the countless times that I dared to fight him after. Thanks so much for tolerating my American-ness. Honorable mention to Ben too! Drizzy_Dan - Hey softie, how about letting me get that Beat-A-Mod award? You're one of the friendliest people I know, and you've been there since Day One, even if we weren't always tighter than the jeans on a fat girl. You're a fun guy to be around, so be proud of that. Can't hold all that aggression inside you for long, D_D. Self Destruct - You are arrogant, talented, and devilishly handsome, which somehow makes for just the right combination for a good friend. Plus, you love Gears of War, so you're automatically amazing! Thanks for the numerous nights of fun, and the countless deep voiced, "Wut"s. They made me chuckle. Jack of Harts - The art dude, you make my art, what more can I say? You even made the art for this post, which I thank you for. Even though you were incompetent at making Weekly News Wrap-Up banners, you are still a funny guy and an amazing friend. Let's go kick Crota's arse. We can bring Yang along. Halo5 Follower - Lewis :3 My aussie friend, despite not being around for playdates much, you're a really nice guy. Like really really nice, tone it down a bit mate. I'm being sarcastic obviously, you're a really good guy and I cannot wait for the Forum PAX 2016 Trip so we can meet up and make fun of Jack. Until then, you're in my heart. ESO is coming, I promise. AhhOldWoman - Newbie, greenie, FNG, whatever they're calling you folks these days. Even with the dry spout in terms of new blood, you've shown through as a really fun fantastic guy (or woman heh). I look forward to more fun gamenights on Halo. Bnus - Bnus, how's the YouTube page going? Heh, I'm yanking your chain, you've done a lot in your position to make the site feel awesome, and you're a fantastic friend. Even though you're new, and you still have a lot to learn, you've certainly taught me a few things. You're also the best demonstration on how to accidentally have a child I've ever seen, so good on ya. Maybe next time we're in the Florida area together, we can meet, talk gaming, etc. I'll see ya around. #TARGETACQUIRED Azaxx - Heya, Azaxx. The other Aussie in the equation. So, what have you done to land a spot on here. To be completely honest, I have no damn clue. You're a good guy, you love Destiny, and you've never done wrong by me. I suppose that's enough, but maybe there's more I don't realize. Anyways, stay classy man. Let's raid some time. We'll drag Yang and Jack along. Fishy - Hey Fishy, how are ya? Good to hear. Listen, you're a fantastic person, and you've always been a really fun guy to play Xbox with. Continue to improve yourself and sharpen your abilities. Your talents as a game night host are unparalleled, I'd like to see you continue to strive for the goals that are so easily achievable with your skillset. I'll see ya on GTA, mate. GermanShepherdD - Hey GSD, I'm sure you have no clue who I am besides my violent torrents and rages on GTA V, but thanks for the fun nights and thanks for being a cool mod. And also changing my name like 70 times! Ruff ruff! Zelda - The Legend of Link herself, you're probably the coolest chick I've met on this site. You actually play Destiny quite decently and made for a few fun shoutbox conversations. I hope to see you around more here and on Destiny, because I'd like to play a few matches of Trials with you and test your 'skill' there. Unease P34nut - Hey nutterbutter, you're welcome for that dare that got you where you are. I hope to see a few more articles from you before you fully disappear. Thanks for being a fun gent to hang out with and a cool guy. I'll crush yer nuts, mate. RedStarRocket91 - Best I saved this one for last. This is probably going to be long, gents, so prepare yourself. Red... Go grab some popcorn, I suppose. You've been here longer than I have, and have taught me quite a few things that still benefit me today. Your continued support inspired me to reach where I am and hone my writing skills allowing me to carve my future into history. I hope to someday achieve a success that will not make me famous, or my works, but rather inspire others to press on and create a better world. That's how you truly live forever. You've also taught me that my mistakes don't make me the person I am, but rather how I do my best to prevent those mistakes from ever happening again. Denying their existence does nothing to ensure perfection, rather, you've given yourself the compass as to how to correct it and sculpt the perfect character. Yes, I know not all of that was your lessons, despite their worth, but I felt it was important to convey that your words helped me reach these conclusions. I've been here three years, and it's been a hell of a ride. I wouldn't change it for the world. Thanks Red, I wouldn't still be here if it weren't for you. I raise my glass to you, you ginger-haired Scottish legend, you. So... Three years? That's pretty amazing, in my opinion. But, none of it would be possible without you, yes you. You sitting behind a keyboard and mouse and TV screen. Whether your in the same state, or in entirely different countries, you matter. Now, this year, I lost a lot of my friends, with graduation. People that meant a lot to me, more than I could ever describe. I'm going to miss them, but in a lot of ways, you guys are the closest memories I have of them. Each of you has a distinct personality trait that seems to magically coincide with my own close friends and family. I don't know how, or why, this is, but it's that way for a reason. This site is more than some dudes playing Halo, it's a community. Whether we get noticed by big game companies or not doesn't matter. What matters is the unity we have, even when there are disagreements, and hate, we always thread back together. Even though many of my oldest friends are gone, in the darkness, I have found light in a few new ones. I wouldn't give it up for anything. A wise man once said, "Laughter is not at all a bad beginning for a friendship, and it is far the best ending for one." And you have all certainly made me laugh. This isn't the end, rather, it's the closing page to a chapter in our long book. It's time to turn the page, we must continue to read on.
  2. Hello everyone, and thanks for clicking this thread! I'd like to start off by saying thank you all for an amazing two years on this site! It's all been a blast, good or bad times, and I wouldn't take back any of it! I've made some fantastic friends and had memorable times with all of you, and I want to wish you all the best of luck in any venture you do in the future, as I'm sure you wish to me. I'll start off by giving a small biography of me. My name is Vincent Joseph [insert Italian Surname Here], since I'm not giving you my last name heh. I was born on July 6th, 2001 (One day before Bungie Day dammit!) and am currently only 12, the youngest staff member ever elected and the youngest MoM ever initiated. I go to a Catholic school, but I myself am an Atheist, however I'm a very tolerant person! My favorite video game(s) of all time is a very odd scenario, as the position of favorite is held by two games, Halo 3 and The Last of Us. Since I couldn't choose between either, I just put them both there. Other franchises I love include Mass Effect, Bioshock, Assassin's Creed, Metro, Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, Dishonored, Far Cry, The Sims, Watch_Dogs, Borderlands, and the list goes on and on and on and on. I currently own a PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Wii, and a PC, but I do plan on purchasing an Xbox One and a Wii U. As can be seen, I am a multi-platform gamer, I don't swear allegiance to Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, or Valve, I love them all and want to experience what all four have to offer. I'm not a big film guy, but my favorite film is The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, with close favorites like Pacific Rim and The Wolf of Wall Street. My favorite book is The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and I love the film adaption as well, even though I expected not to. I started out joining the site as SpartanKIL and a slue of other names, but for now, let's use my current name. So I started off as Edward Kenway and did very little to 'help' the forum out or even participate. Long story short, I lost my account, came back in 2013, and started doing Roleplaying. I had a few friends, few who I cared about truly and fewer still of those who are still here. Some notable ones are Ledgend1221 and AIGamerGirl, who I rarely contact anymore but they seem to be still here. Anyways, a metamorphosis happened and I became Edward Kenway! More roleplaying ensued and I discovered Skype... A horrible move by me, and I began doing most of my roleplaying there and most of my troublemaking headbutts in the Shoutbox with mods here. There, I soon began dating an ACTUAL MEMBER here, who I won't name for legal reasons (not really, just too lazy to look her up). Our relationship crumbled soon after, and we stopped talking. She also left the forums, and to my knowledge, never came back. It was hard on me at first, but I grew over it. After that I had nothing really left, and took it out on the forum, which got me a total of two warning points within two weeks time, during two baaaaaad weeks time, as I was having real life troubles. I had an epiphany having two weeks without a shoutbox, and I did something I never thought I'd do. I stopped. I wasn't rude, I wasn't boastful, and I wasn't overreactive and easily irritated. I didn't let little things get to me, and I did a complete 180. I began working for the forum, rather than against it, doing news articles, my first being a Destiny Drawing Board article, that I don't like to admit is my own considering it was mainly copy/pasted. I did very few copy/pastes during my time here, and as time went on I was approached by Cooliest, who gave me tips and for that I was immensely grateful. As I did more and more articles and attended more and more playdates and interacted more and more in the shoutbox, one February morning I had discovered something, something that I think changed me. I woke up, saw that there was a Shoutbox link for the new MoM, but I didn't look at it, no, I stopped for a second, and said 'Hello?' in the shoutbox, and the breath was knocked out of me. Edward Kenway, not just regular Edward Kenway but Edward Kenway, I, was MoM! I had no reaction but surprise. I clicked the thread and... Admittedly, teared up at Red's words, reading down to see all of your words, it made me so overjoyed to see this, and I was actually accepted universally on the forum, I was part of something big, and I had a big part in it... Nothing could get better, right? I kept on my usual thing, doing news, making friends, attending playdates, and being typical Edward, when RedStarRocket91 himself offered me a chance to do something more. He had asked that I join the News Group, where all I could do was smile for a minute. I called my best friend up (who isn't on the forum) and told him the news, and he congratulated me on the position. I gladly accepted, and the next day, I became Edward Kenway, the goal I had aimed for for a very, very long time. It was amazing, and nothing could change it, that's what I had hoped, right? Then... I took a dip down the mountain, a dip that I didn't return from. An altercation with an old-time member here as well as fellow Staff over Skype (that bloody thing gets me in all the trouble doesn't it?) caused me to get what I never hoped to get again... A warning point. I was devastated in myself, that I had done wrong. I immediately sent a PM to Red, not an angry PM, not an defensive PM, an apologetic PM. I was angry alright, at myself, that I let it get like this after I had told myself it never would. I was disappointed in myself, for doing what I did, and for disappointing Red, who, with the kindness of his heart, told me he truly wasn't disappointed in me, and I believed him, hell I still do. But, the past is in the past now, it needs to stay that way. Anyways, a little bit about family life then? I have two sisters who are utterly nothing like me at all, my mum, and my dad, as well I live with my grandfather from Italy (how I picked up some Italian) and my uncle and aunt who I never see because they never leave their home. They're okay I guess, I don't hate any of 'em, just rarely interact with them, especially with my dad in the hospital (getting out soon, yay!). Before I get into my Q&A asked by the wonderful members I'd like to thank some people. My best friend Anthony, dude, you're a massive pain, but you've always been there and gotten me up, thank you. Mach10Creation, or just Janay to me, you're a stellar friend/rival, and I look forward to you breaking my arm next year, see ya then. Bnus, man, you're the most insane person I know, in a good way, thanks for sticking with me though bro, couldn't be here without you. RedStarRocket91 and Absolute Dog, thank you for serving as moderators here on this great forum, and for being pillars and supports to help me reach where I am now with your own examples. And Azaxx, because he blackmailed me to get here or I'd be banned (jk). If you aren't on here, that doesn't mean you didn't help me, but it means I'm running out of time and I'll add you later. "What is your career goal/ if you are going to go to college what do you want to major in?" ~Yoshi1176 I really like this one, so I put it first. My career goal is to go into Journalism somewhere, either on the field or from a writing standpoint, as I dislike the idea of sitting at a desk all night and reporting shootings. Either I'm hands on with the shootings, or I write the newspaper article on them. Gaming Journalism is a field I would ADORE to get into, but I feel it wouldn't give enough profit for me to live on unless I worked at like IGN. Also, I will go to College and I would like to major in Journalism, as well I hope to do so for the Sciences and History related fields, as those I do expertise in as well. Thanks for the question Yoshi! "How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real" ~JLMeteorYokoShowerWhateverHisNameIsThisWeek The simple fact is that our eyes ARE real, but Mirrors can be holographic projections or optical illusions given the case and depending on the factors. Did I really need to put JL's name there to know it was him? Not in the slightest. Thanks for the question JL! "Are we in a relationship? Like seriously I want to know" ~Connor Kenway If you mean as a family, yes, considering you are my grandson. If not, ew. Thanks for the question Connor! "Are you purple?" ~Ardent Prayer Are you colorblind? "Why do you fail so much?" ~Ledgend1221 Failure is not an option when you're with OPTIMUS PRIME! ROLL OUT AUTOBOTS. "How do you want to further your site career?" ~Anonymous I plan on continuing to do what I do day in and day out, news and shoutbox, and I don't plan on stopping for a looooong time. "What game are you looking forward to most in 2014?" ~Anonymous That is a difficult question, I have to say Destiny, but I also want the MC collection and LBP3 badly. Well, that's about all I had planned today. Thank you all so much for these past two years, I hope to see another successful two in the future, and to go into Infinity! I care about all of you deeply, and I wish you all the best going into Fall of 2015 and beyond! Peace! P.S. I wanted to make this my 1,000th post, but I forgot and by the time I realized it was too late. P.P.S Creds to Austin for the banner!
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