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Dexter's MoM Speech

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I'm not very good at speeches so this may be short.


I'd like to start this by saying that I never expected this to happen to me. It was a real shock to read the announcement topic and see my name in pink. Since I joined as prometheanpwner last November, I have met plenty of great members who are the only reason I stayed here. But I owe my pinkness to JackTheRipper (close enough to the colour) who brought me back here in April. Without that, I wouldn't be here today. 


I have seen lists of names in MoM speeches before but I'm not posting one. If I began to list I would go through 98% (the other 2% would be spambots and those who should not be named) of the members here. So I'll simply say thank you to everyone here for keeping me here on these wonderful forums. 






And I would like to thank all you blues (my sworn enemies...jk..........Red Team rules) for choosing me as MoM for this month. That's all I have to say. Dexter out!




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A nice speech MoMmy  :thumbsup: Glad you came back so you can work your way back up and get it greatly rewarded a few months later with that fabulous pink :3


Keep up the great work Grif and carry on being a great member.

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