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1. Gamertag:                       Salsasandro in collaboration with Silberaffe (Underwater Canvas made by Oakley Hidef)


2.Name of the Map:            Misty Heights

   Map Tags:                        flood, salsasandro, underwater, bridge, silberaffe, trap, mist





Supported Gamemodes:    Flood, Slayer


3.Gametypes:                     GT Misty Heights Flood

                                           GT Misty Heights Slayer




Recommended Players:     4 to 10


4.Description:                     The Humans have to survive on the top of the Mountain. The Flood players are catapulted from underneath the map to simulate the climbing chase of the Flood.

                                           Several Bridges and Traps, hidden Items  a cavern and some place to hide. Also risk vs reward places.



5. Pictures


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