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Forge Off - Free Roam Flood Map Testing Lobbies

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So, you've decided to take part in the contest, ey? Great!
Once you have thrown some blocks together, it is advised that you get it tested to help identify any problems. Getting 12 people together can be difficult, so these special BIOC lobbies are being set up to get everyone together and give everyone equal opportunities to improve their maps.
Here is a reminder of the rules;
  • The map must be a Free Roam Flood map forged on either Erosion, Impact, Ravine or Forge Island
  • The map will be judged using the Hivemind game-type, found in the Flood matchmaking playlist
  • The map must be suitable for 10-12 players
  • The map must have a creation date on or after July 20th 2013
  • You are only allowed to submit one map
  • You may forge with a partner, but keep in mind that only one prize will be issued
  • You must tag the map file with 'DFO1' and have it in your File Share for the duration of the contest and judging
Upcoming lobbies:
Lobby Host - El Trocity
Lobby Time and Date - 5PM EST, Tuesday 6th August
To sign up, follow this template;
Submission: [Y/N]
Good luck with your forging everyone!
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Hosting a lobby on the 13th at 5:00 PM. To get an invite, send me a message 15 minutes before the lobby starts.

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