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Battlefield 3 - Community Hosted Playdate

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Hello people! So, recently, me and a few others were talking about playdates, and we realized there should be one for Battlefield 3. After all, it is one of the best games out there; I have never seen ANY other game that successfully creates such massive maps featuring such amazing, large scale gameplay that is both fun yet hardcore at the same time.


So obviously, being the nice person I am, I decided to host one. 




How will it work? Well, the event has been decided as starting on NEXT WEEK'S [May 11] SATURDAY NIGHT 9PM EST. For those who still don't get what time it is, I'll list it out for you.


Aussies: Sunday Morning

Europeans: About 11PM - AM Saturday Night/Sunday Morning

Middle East/East: ....Morning.

America: 9-12PM or so.

Saipan, Hawaii etc. areas: Afternoon


This link should help you:



In any case, continuing on, this will generally be what we do: Playing in a semi competitive manner, we WILL keep in mind that this game is on of the Trolliest, casual matchmaking games available, and as such we will also be placing C4 on Jeeps and Helicopters, flying jets into tanks, and generally having fun doing fun things.


(Oh, yeah. I'm bringing my capture card :)


We'll ONLY be playing Non-DLC maps unless everyone has a DLC map they wanna play on, and they all have it. 


Because in-game, Battlefield 3 has a 'Squad' system, we'll compensate for it using party chat - we'll generally remain in it but play online. If we're under 4 players, we'll all be in game chat, and if we're over 4 players, we form a party, and try to put everyone in the same squad as well. (Never tried, though. :P)


In any case, we hope you guys show up! If you guys KNOW you will, just leave a note below and we'll be sure to invite you when the time comes!




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Awesome. Anyone else? Because it's coming in half a week's time.

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Just gonna bump this right back up seeing as it's summer now. If anybody is interested in a BF3 playdate (Again) then post! If not.....







We'll just move on to some other playdate.

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