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Ok so i'm not sure if this is already a topic somewhere, but here it is (maybe) again.


As many of you fellow Halo players know, there are a whole bunch of diffrent armor that was given out. For instance, Fotus w/ the console, Recruit Prime w/ the limited edition, and Deadeye w/ bestbuy. Now i got the Limited Edition, but i really want all the other armor to. So i thought that maybe 343idustries could create a DLC Pack or two that contained all 12 Armor sets. I mean who wouldn't buy tthis?


Heres a list of all the special armor with how you had to get it.


1. Raider: Halo Waypoint Classified Unlock

2. Strider : War Games Map Pass or Limited Edition Halo 4

3. Scanner : War Games Map Pass or Limited Edition Halo 4

4. Recruit PRIME : Limited Edition Halo 4

5. FOTUS: Limited Edition Halo Xbox

6. Hazop FRST: Pre-order from Gamestop

7. Vernator Raptor : Pre-order from BestBuy / Mighty Ape

8. Oceanic CIRCUIT : Pre-order from Walmart

9. C.I.O. WEB : Pre-order from Amazon

10. Gungnir Pulse : Pre-order from MS Store / Mighty Ape

11. Deadeye : Pre-order from BestBuy / Play.com

12. Locus : Pre-order from Future Shop / Mighty Ape or Play Mountain Dew King of the Hill iPhone app game

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Interesting. Some of these I have yet to see in Matchmaking. I think releasing them to everyone is a bad idea, because the point they are special is it had to bought a certain way. It should be kept that way. Remember how Recon armor was a big deal in Halo 3 then it was released to everyone, and all of a sudden it lost it's specialness?

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