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Which older game do you keep going back to?


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Besides Halo 1 and 2 I keep returning to other original Xbox Games like Half Life 2 or Mech Warrior 2 (there still isn't anything quite like it). Oh and I also play the campaign of Gears of War 2 from time to time. I think GOW 2 has one of the best and most expertly structured campaigns of any action shoooter.

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The Elder Scroll series. C'mon, not hard to guess, right? *And Ninja Gaiden. Xbox versions.*

Elder Scrolls all the way i havens played oblivion though i have to get it im gonna get the game of the year edition ive played a ton of skyim ialmost have all the daedric artifacts i also love ninja gaiden its one of the best games ever 3 was a little weird i only played the demo though but i read horrible reviews.
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